2 discussion posts

Due in 24 hours (Each 150-200 words (citation doesn’t count), MLA format)

Discussion 1

The transition of India from a Hindu to a Muslim state was not a seamless one and it did not occur all at once. Regardless, Indians look to the Gupta period as the golden age of Hindu culture. In this discussion you will look at this heritage and examine how contact with the outside world via the Silk Road and through invasion transformed Indian culture and identity. To be successful here, you must understand the main points of the lecture, particularly regarding India’s Development and the Exploration on the Silk Road.
Write a 150-200 word post as follows:
Imagine you are an Indian in the Middle Ages. You may be any caste or gender.

Identify yourself by caste, gender, and regional location.
Explain the ideas brought along the Silk Road into India. These may be religious, political or cultural.
Explain how these ideas, and the Muslim invasions personally impacted your character.

Discussion 2

This discussion is a more traditional look at Imperial China. To be successful in this discussion you need to understand the Lecture points regarding Traditional China, and the Exploration of the Silk Road.
Write a 150-200 word post that discusses and compares at least two of the dynasties of Imperial China explored in this module. Use historical evidence to support your position and make sure to touch on:

The economy
The political structure
Relationship of China under the dynasty with other states

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