Software Design to A Biblical Worldview Discussion


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Software Design to A Biblical Worldview Discussion
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1) Discuss the relevance of course material and the use of software design to a biblical worldview. (PLO-1) *

2) Recognize major architectural styles in existing software systems. (PLO-3) *

3) Assess software design alternatives for a problem. (PLO-2) *

4) Use existing definitions and development tools to expedite such tasks. (PLO-2)�� *

5) Apply domain knowledge to specialize an architecture for a particular family of applications. (PLO-3) *

6) Recognize how to manage software projects by being able to plan, manage, and control a software project. (PLO-2) *

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Course Description

In this course, the student will be introduced to the architectural design of complex software systems and explore how to successfully design complex software systems. Software system design requires an individual to be able to describe, evaluate, and create systems at an architectural level of abstraction. Therefore, this course considers commonly-used software system structures, techniques for designing and implementing these structures, models, and formal notations for characterizing and reasoning about architectures, tools for generating specific instances of an architecture, and case studies of actual system architectures. Students will learn the skills and background needed to properly evaluate the architectures of existing systems and to design new systems in principled ways using well-founded architectural paradigms.


The purpose of CSIS 643, Software Design, is to teach the student the concepts of architectural design and to apply these concepts to successfully design complex software systems. This course is important for the student because the quality and longevity of a software system is determined by its architecture, thus making these skills valued by employers.

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