SCI 207 Ashford University The Endangered Species Act Essay


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SCI 207 Ashford University The Endangered Species Act Essay
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Select a term from the list of choices in term is (Endangered Species Act) located in the course. Type your name in the table, next to the word that you would like to choose. 

Do not select a term that a classmate has already chosen; only one student per term. If you choose a term that is hyperlinked to a source, that term is one that is not mentioned in our textbook. Instead of being required to use the text as your third source for completing the assignment, you will be expected to use the hyperlinked source provided for you.

Download the Week 1 Assignment Template available in the course and replace the guiding text with your own words based upon your online research.

In the template, you will

  • Define the term thoroughly, in your own words.
  • Explain the importance of the term using evidence.

Discuss how the term affects living things and the physical world.

Suggest two specific actions that you and your peers might take to promote environmental sustainability in relation to the term.

Explain exactly how those actions will aid in safeguarding our environment in relation to your chosen term.

Provide detailed examples to support your ideas.

The Sustaining Living Guide Contributions: Sustaining Biodiversity and Ecosystems paper

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