Grossmont College The Mexican Revolution 1911 to 1920 Paper


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Grossmont College The Mexican Revolution 1911 to 1920 Paper
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writing from a journalistic point of view addressing a major
event/theme/person/group of people/idea in Latin American history (1500-Present).

Where are you writing from (region/religion/country/province/class/socio-economic
Describe in detail (from your journalistic angle) what is happening socially, culturally,
technologically, and economically. Is there more? Any ethical or moralistic
conversations/debates that you have observed.
This report should be at least 400 words.
Please include a picture of what you are describing. You could copy and paste 1-3 images from
doing a basic google search in your report. Be sure that the images correspond to what you are
writing about. You will treat this like if it were an actual newspaper (title of
paper/date/journalistic name/etc). The more creative and convincing you are the better. I would
even consider doing some research of newspaper publications of the time / period from which
you have selected to write to get ideas. The role and focal point of journalism is disseminating
information to a wider audience. Is there something you feel merits reporting.
Reporters/journalists/investigators are suppressed, suffer from physical violence, or face
tremendous obstacles for reporting the truth. If it was not for people who have committed
themselves to exposing the truth, maybe big events in history would have taken a different detour
and went the other way.

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