SPA103 week 3 discussion 2 (300 word minimum)

  ¡A Presentar en Español!
Prepare: To prepare for this activity, review the vocabulary and grammar explanations from Capítulo 3. Continue to practice conjugating verbs in the present tense, to ask and to answer questions, to review colors and numbers, and to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary by completing several of the assigned practice activities in MySpanish Lab.

Reflect: Can you describe your home? What about your ideal home? If you could have anything you wanted, what and where would it be? What about chores? Who does what in your household? Would you change this if you could?

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SPA103 week 3 discussion 2 (300 word minimum)
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Write: Choose one of the following activities to use for your initial response.

Activity # 1: This activity is modified from the ¡Conversemos! activity in your primary text (p. 122). Look at the drawing below and create a story about the family who lives there. Your story should be at least eight sentences. Include the following components:

When does your story take place?
What is the weather?
What is the name of the family?
Describe furniture and household objects using colors.
Include at least eight different verbs.
Use a least two new tener expressions (p. 113).

Activity #2: This activity is modified from the Entrevista activity in your primary text, which presents an interview exercise to practice some of the irregular verbs studied in this chapter (p. 105). Answer the questions to create a short personal description of at least eight sentences.

¿Haces ejercicio? ¿Con quién? ¿Dónde?
¿Cuándo ves la television? ¿Cuál es tu programa favorito?
¿Con quién(es) sales los fines de semana (weekends)? ¿Qué hacen ustedes y adónde van?
¿Qué tienes que hacer hoy?
¿Dónde pones tus libros?
¿Siempre dices la verdad? ¿Por qué?

Activity #3: In the Capítulo 3 Student Activities Manual, read and review SAM 3-49 ¿Y Tu Casa? [Conversemos] Voice Recording. Describe your house or your dream house. Use hay to give details about the number of floors, rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and use other vocabulary that you have learned in order to describe the style of the house and its rooms, as well as the furniture that is in each room. Finally, make sure to mention in which rooms you spend most of your time, what your favorite places are in the house, and what you do in each place. Use at least eight different verbs in your description and use y, pero, and también to connect your ideas.
*Optional–you may include a picture of the house you are describing.

Respond to Peers: Read through your classmates’ posts. Choose two different posts, and ask one question to each classmate, in Spanish, to elicit more information (Due by Day 5). Also, respond to one of the questions posed by your classmates in response to your initial post (Due by Day 5).

Note: You will have a minimum of four posts, in Spanish, in this forum:

Your initial post (Due by Day 3).
A question posed to classmate 1 (Due by Day 5).
A question posed to classmate 2 (Due by Day 5).
An answer to a question posed by a classmate in response to your initial post (Due by Day 7).

Tips for success:

Post your initial response by Day 3. If you post late, you may not have a question from a classmate to respond to in order to fulfill that portion of the prompt.
As you interact with peers, please look for posts that don’t have questions from classmates first. That way, we can ensure that everyone has an opportunity to practice both asking and answering questions.

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