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PROJECT OVERVIEWYour medical office has decided to audit all medical records for government compliance. As a medical office manager, you must utilize research to complete an operational plan for the audit as well as write up the tasks and policies that result from your audit findings.DELIVERABLESPart I: Operational AuditingTo complete operational plan you must:Describe your procedures for auditing the medical recordsInclude a description of roles and responsibilities of yourself and your employees.oInclude the information that you are asking the employees to audit the records for. (In other words, what critical information would you like to see evidence of in all medical records?)Perform a risk assessment for the medical records system in your office.Explain HIPAA guidelines and identify the relevant governmental policies that your office must comply with.Analysis – Present a detailed analysis of the relevant arguments that are specific to the case.Conclusion – State your conclusion of the case based on the findings, analysis, and rationale supporting your argument.Explain the consequences of not complying with government patient confidentiality policies.Part II: Post Audit TasksTo complete your post-audit tasks you must:Identify some common issues that would surface as a result of your audit. (You can utilize research to identify the types of issues and challenges that medical offices face.)Describe how you, as an effective office manager, would solve the common issues.Utilize effective communication and writing skills to create new employee policies that will rectify the issues surfaced in your audit.Perform a risk assessment for the medical records system in your office.Apply the principles of medical office management and explain how you would effectively implement the new policies throughout your medical office.Include policies surrounding ethical behavior and why such behavior is important in the medical office.Submit one document that includes your operational auditing plan and all of your post audit tasks.pls can you cite the sources under each pages not on a separate page.

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Management Plan 1 answer below »
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