A Business Analysis Of Hosted Desktop Solutions

The Position of HDS in the IT Industry

Business Analyst plays the role of advisor and he is responsible for the investigating and analysing the business situations. The business analyst has the capability to differentiate between the poor investment and the great investment. Business knowledge is the required for the background as well as the foundation for the business analyst’s work. The business knowledge comprises of business finance, subject matter expertise and organisation structure and domain knowledge, supplier management and the business architecture. Project management, stakeholder analysis, investigation technique, requirements engineering, gap analysis, facilitation skills, portfolio management are the professional techniques that are followed by the business analyst.

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The position of HDS in the IT Industry (copied from this assessments case study)

HDS is small full-service company which is situated in Sydney lT Hub. The enterprise is responsible for the implementing and configuring hardware, software, connecting extranets and intranets. The company develops open source software for the client and they are now focussing on deploying their own applications. The company has grown significantly by taking up the cloud services. There are several competitors of HDS, however, they are capable of providing the high quality service same as HDS. The company is still carrying out the business under ‘small family business’ culture.

Case Study (copied from this assessments case study)

I have been hired as Chief Information Officer of Hosted Desktop Solutions. HDS provides IT solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Jeff and Bob started the business with their own laptops, however, they fail to deliver the clients’ demands. Networking capacity is not up to the mark. The server lacks the sufficient power of RAM The server set up is unstable over the years. Staffs have become old. They are becoming old and are not capable now to provide the quality service.  They are also struggling to provide the quality customer service. The customer base of HDS is growing every day, however, they are struggling to offer the quality service and to manage the HDS services.

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My Role (copied from this assessments case study)

The case study has focussed on the improving the HDS process. It is a major challenge to fix the internal issues with the administrative staff and the stakeholders. I have been appointed as the new CIO and it is my responsibility to –

  • Enhance decision making of the enterprise
  • Managing all the internal business activities
  • Contributing to the IT department into large enterprise
  1. Specifications (these are the `competency specifications` from case study)

The goal of HDS is to provide open source IT solutions to small and medium sized enterprises. The primary objective of HDS is to analyse the business activities and to provide a solution. The solutions are expected to mitigate the existing problems of the HDS.

Case Study

The infrastructure of the HDS is not capable to meet the demands of the customers. The networking capacity is not strong enough. The customer management system works on the excel files. Telephony service performance is not up to the mark. The systems are not maintained appropriately. The application development is not working appropriately.

 The market of cloud computing is growing rapidly. However, the IT expenditure has not increased. HDS is also struggling due to the resource capacity issues. The business knowledge comprises of the knowledge management, human management, budget management and the planning. The team members’ roles and responsibilities have not been defined appropriately. The research and the development of HDS is also falling behind. Due to the late payment, they are under cash flow. The internal infrastructure also fails to meet the demands of the customers.

The older clients of HDS are knowledgeable of all the issues and the knowledge compared to the junior support staff. All these clients have the desired knowledge to understand the issues when contracting HDS over phone. The customers want to have the service from the experienced clients.

There are several business opportunities that can be developed on extranet as well as intranet and they are expected to meet all the demands of the customers. The website consists of all the required information to the customers. HDS must develop IT solutions and these solutions help to maintain proper client satisfaction. HDS must adopt the cloud computing services. The cloud computing services will help them to manage all the resources. Cloud computing requires minimal resources and HDS can be able to maintain the performance of their premises.

The CRM facilitates relationship of clients and customers. The outcomes are detailed below-

  • CRM provides better solutions to mitigate the problems with regards to the organisation
  • CRM improves efficiency and it serves client satisfaction. The customers are provided with the up-to-date information about the hosted open source IT solutions
  • CRM helps to increase of revenue and the profitability it helps to increase the productivity of HDS

The current capabilities of HDS are to establish between old customers and the support staff. The objective of the HDS is to deliver social media. The clients can be able to manage the clients. The clients must develop a website based which must work in the best possible way. The website must show all the functionalities to the customers so that the customers can be able to see the timeframes and the costs and that must not affect the delivery quality. The network bandwidth must be strong enough so that HDS can provide uninterrupted service to the customers.

HDS must have the capability to manage all the informal policies and the procedures of the organisation. The team members should adopt the project plan and should take up the responsibility to enhance the revenues of the organisation. The management should provide appropriate project documentation. HDS must manage the project related services ethically and efficiently.

My Role

HDS must take up the cloud services. The cloud services and the information technology services will give them the business edge and the competitive edge. All the services will be conducted online. HDS will develop the website and will provide the website the link. The users will have to visit the link address. The users can get to use the features of the website.

HFS can reduce the business operational costs by adopting the cloud computing services. The organisation can be able to manage the inventory with the help of the cloud computing services. The customers’ data can be better managed with the aid of the cloud services as well. The e-commerce website thus can provide lots of advantages to HDS.

HDS management team should take the responsibility and must keep a legitimate business to extend the income. The administrator must take the appropriate steps so that they can extend the latest hierarchical income of the business. HDS administrators must monitor that the business activities and should check whether the business activities are being carried out ethically or not.

  • The cloud based services will assist them to meet the web functions. The cloud based services will help them to provide better services to the customers and the clients
  • HDS with the help of the cloud services and the information system can be able to provide the assistance to the customers all the time throughout day and night 24×7
  • HDS must create an IT framework. The IT framework will help to fulfil the customers’ demands

The entire business process will be automated with the aid of information system adaptation. All the business processes will be carried out online. However, they must be concerned about the security threat and the privacy threat. HDS must seek help from the professional team. The professional team will provide the necessary training. The training will help the HDS employees to conduct the business activities safely and securely.

HDS administration staff must evaluate the performance of the enterprise. The administration staff must carry out the technical assessment and must evaluate the performance of the enterprise and the performance of the employees.

Secure adoption of cloud computing services reduces the cost of the cloud hosted services. The IT models facilitate to use the organisational resources well. The IT resources enable use of effective data centre, use of faster wide area network.

The IT solutions can be ranked on the basis of the business value-

Rank 1: Rank 1 provides the option to follow the informal policies and the procedures to manage the growth of the business. The organisational policies can help them to enhance profitability and the productivity

Rank 2: The administrative procedures must be properly managed. All the administrative responsibilities can be undertaken properly to manage the customer management system

Rank 3: HDS must manage the project margins so that the services offered by HDS can be managed properly


Rank 4: The team members must act responsibly as that will enhance the enterprise revenues.

Rank 1: Enhanced hosted services to the clients

Rank 2: Conducting easy businesses online

Rank 3: Attracting new clients and the new customers with enhanced SEO

Rank 4: Follow up the link and visit the e-commerce site of the organisation

 Rank 1:  Facilitates communication between the staffs and the old customers

Rank 2: Deliver of social media, the clients are provided with the social media link

Rank 3: Intranets and extranets development of clients

Rank 4: HDS must develop the website which will provide the several functionalities

Rank 5: Time and budget management without impacting the project quality

The IT framework must be built in such a way that it offers the safety and the security of the customers’ data. The system will enable HDS to assure security and privacy of the clients and the customers. The IT framework model will prevent the data breach and in this way the confidential data of HDS can be protected.

Communicating with client implementation approach:

First of all, it is needed to be determined who has been referring to communicator and target audience. According to the scope of implementation, one must define proper groups to get involved in this process. Next, the equation is to be understood regarding the reason or the message (Grant, 2016). The purpose of the communication plan is to convey original objective beyond the plan of implementation. This can be done through the use of different communication channels like emails, as per as the client’s time. Here phones can be sued for communicating all the needed decisions. Here, the most important task is to conduct meetings that must be done face-to-face for interacting with a client discussing every confidential work.

Different Stakeholders

    Stakeholder Interest

    Impact Analysis


Project Sponsors

  They intend to understand various objectives of the project earnings and projects

 They influence the projects highly

 They deliver weekly performance report.

Project Manager

 They include project activities and deliverables

 They influence the projects profoundly

 They provide regular updates of the reports.


    They are top management for HDS executing projects

   Their influence on the project is medium

    They direct the strategy of the organization.

Resource managers

    They control resources need to execute projects

    Their influence on the project is also medium

   They update the data about resources.

Managing various dependencies is an integral part of operation plan. One must review risks periodically related to present vendors, suppliers, sales traffic sources and technical support organizations. Further, there is a requirement of dependencies that are needed by terms for delivering the functionality of systems to customers. Here lie some technical and business dependencies like functionalities of project plan done by the agile group, functionalities of a backlog of other agile teams, ability to provide product backlog and third-party products like services (Fairhurst, 2015).

Advantages of recommended systems:

Estimate of time frame for delivery by HDS

 Here lies the proper estimation of time needed to complete the project plan successfully within time. Here lies the necessity to integrate budgets and achievable deadlines.

Estimate of the total net expense of solution

 This is the financial estimation needed to help buyers and owners to determine a direct and indirect cost of a system.

The various risks are identified below.

  1. Identifying the limitations of the project resources.
  2. There is lack of knowledge of business processes and improper change of management along with a scope of a project.
  3. Determine the lack of vendor and supplier support.
  4. There is ineffective project communication taking place among stakeholders of team members.
  5. Unclear project objectives and goals.
  6. Poor project management team and departmental cooperation.
  7. Lack of top management commitment and support.

Identification of analyzed costs and benefits:

While developing a business plan for existing or new company, projects, products, the planners must estimate a cost to analyze whether the benefits or revenues must cover the cost. It is done in both government and business (Cruz, Peters & Shevchenko, 2015). Further, there is a proper cost of a structure with breakdowns in cost items. For estimating the proper costs, a suitable budget plan is to be created. Project scheduling must be done for estimating the proper time for completing a project on time.

Clarifying clients regarding various misunderstandings:

To clarify the clients about different misunderstandings and disagreements with clients one must prevent every issue within time. This must be done before it affects the business operations and project plans of the current organization. The communication plan must be done to deliver stakeholders with data related to project and implementing proposed IT solutions (Brijs, 2016). Here effective communication plan should be developed to assess interest and power of stakeholders such that can mitigate every misunderstanding. This results in successful completion of project plan within the scheduled time.

Documenting negotiated agreement with clients:

During a time of negotiation for any agreement with a client, engineers should be offer clients with various long-term services. This needs greater deal with trust and communication. Further, there is an initial negotiation of a contract that sets with stages and tones back the negotiation that runs the entire project life-cycle.  The successful plans set the organizations to turn into more expensive with equitable sharing of risk. Here proper negotiation is to be done along with problems and designing creative solutions satisfying various parties having interests.

Here the IT arrangement of HDS has intended to sort out information of cloud. This is to bring the area safely and effort. This is needed to merge various data flows helping spot plans and bits of knowledge. The arrangement is needed to create constant data that makes revealing flawlessly (Grant, 2016). This relegates, includes and tracks of things needed to be dealt. Here, the suggested systems overlook battles from looking into a competition. Here a legitimate framework must keep data secured. This must enable proper clients for accessing the needed data. This helps clients to access instead of any need of trading of security of private and data or external data.

Allocating requirements for particular project release:

Any secured selection of distributed has been reduced to cost and improves the administrations of facilitated clouds. It has been offering various cost investments funds along with expanding IT readiness. Here, the distributed computing administrations are the basic developments that must empower powerful IT. This has demonstrated the issue of various authoritative assets (Bargiela-Chiappini & Nickerson, 2014).

Analysis of progress in a new initiative:

Usage of distributed computing administration has provided HDS with chances to provide facilitated administrators to customers. The web based business ends with the favored method to providing HDS with ease along with comfort (Balleer et al., 2016).

Developing options:


 This must be developed by providing hosted open source IT solutions for HDS.


 It intends to complete all the tasks in scheduled time and there must be no chance to make delay in the project plan.

Target performance

 This must check that there are no scopes of any limitations and reverse influences for HDS.


 This is adequately estimated to complete the cost of a scheduled budget (Eberlein et al., 2014).


A new system has been proposed and once we run the new improvements as mentioned before, the HDS’s productivity in general (income, service quality etc.) will be improved.

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