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Amaze1990 was established in 2003 as an indoor research writing consultants in the United Kingdom and over the years it has expended its services to most of Europe countries and United States. It was informed by the need to equip student with necessary tools to excel in their academics. Our mandate has remained the same over a long period. Today we equip academicians with knowledge and skills that would cost them time and money at very friendly cost.  We offer the highest quality services using our highly trained and qualified writers.

  • Our services speaks for us, we are mainly online and rely extensively on referrals. Students who goes to great extent to advise us on how to improve our services. In addition we have hundreds of questions that our clients have listed on our site as a way of directing their colleagues to our site. Please visit Our Policies page to get more about terms of service.
  • Amaze1990 specializes with only academic writing. This is to enable us deliver the best to our clients. Unlike other sites that offer variety of services, we only deal with academic assignments. We are aware that students rely on our services to equip themselves with adequate and sufficient knowledge to pass exams. Therefore we are committed to ensure that we deliver exactly that. We have three broad categories of our services:-
  • Course Assignment; this is basically the day today assignments given by the tutor. It may be a set of questions, essay, or even multiple choice questions. This assignment is in most cases below ten pages. These assignments fall across all areas of study. We have experienced and skilled writers in all fields of study with access to various library services making our services in this field perfect.
  • Term Papers; a term paper is more detailed than an essay and in most cases its more than ten pages. It covers the content of a semester in a given unit. Intended to test the student understand of the course. In most case term papers assignments are offered early in the semester and are to be delivered by the end of the semester. These assignments fall across all areas of study. Our team has worked on term papers for more than ten years and has experience in every course unit you can think of.
  • Project, Dissertation, Thesis; these are detailed research papers that are in form of essays written by degree students to test their research and analysis skills. They have two major phases namely proposal and report. The student has to start with a proposal and once approved proceed to report. Most companies separate the two but we treat it as one. Once you order a project with us, we charge you the cost of a project whereas we first do the proposal. Once approved we deliver the project at no extra cost. When offering this service we make sure we maintain close contact with the client in every step and inform our client on the progress.

Custom Writing Help Services

Admission Essay Writing Service

Using our college admission writing help service, you don’t have to worry about learning how to compose a perfect admission essay. Instead you can spend your time wisely or priorities that can help you complete your university studies, such as taking time to study the sphere you are going to major in.

Art Essay Writing Service

Our art essay writing help service employs a team of professional writers. They provide assistance with any writing issues. When it comes to art essay writing, they offer any assistance that is required. They may structure your essay in any way you choose.

Every paper we write with our custom assignment writing help service is original, one-of-a-kind, and suited to your specific standards and criteria. All of our articles are free of plagiarism and prepared exclusively for you at the finest quality possible.

Using our biology essay writing help service means you won’t have to endure the agony of writing your own papers on topics you don’t comprehend. Teachers and professors adore academic writing tasks, and to be honest, it would be preferable if there were less of them.

Case Study writing services

Our professional writers at Amaze1990 will write your case study and tailor it to your specific requirements. Amaze1990 writers can create a completely unique case study writing services report that has never been seen or discussed before.


Chemistry essay writing help is an important part of our custom writing service. Scientific field that studies the composition of elements and the changes that occur when they combine with other substances. Our Chemistry assignment writing service is here to help with any Chemistry assignments.

Coursework Writing Service

Our coursework writing help service is here for you. You may order coursework from us or get high-quality coursework at a low cost. Our expert coursework writers compose, edit, and proofread our high-quality coursework. Our crew is constantly available to you, and purchasing coursework from us is simple and can be done by anyone at any time.

Creative writing Service

Our creative writing help service will save your day. Many scholars find it challenging to devote time to compose Creative writing Service, especially when they have classes, part-time jobs, and other obligations. If you are one of them and want assistance in this area, consider getting creative writing aid from our organization, which specializes in various writing services.

We are proud of delivering quality work within very short deadline, our record stands at 15 minutes for 300 words unique assignment.

Custom Essay Writing Help Service

Are you looking for the greatest custom essay writing help service? Congratulations, you have finally arrived! Don’t get what we’re on about? Aren’t you the students that have an essay due in a few days that you haven’t even begun to write? Isn’t it you, the youngster with the nagging question in the back of your mind,” Can’t someone else simply do my essay?” Essays are stacking up around you, burying you beneath the weight of all that scholastic stress. You are the child who always wonders, “Why me?’ Why are they making me write all of these essays? I already have plenty to be concerned about!

No, we aren’t psychic- at least not that we know of- but we do know that students only come to my custom essay when they are desperate for essay writing help. We are the market leader in the writing company industry for a reason. We not only comprehend our consumers (remember, we are not mind readers), but we also know exactly what they want from their custom essay. That is why so many individuals come to us and say, “Just write my essay”

Buy Custom Essays

Have you over considered to buy custom essays online? Unless you are a super-student, it almost certainly has. The popularity of purchasing custom essays online is increasing by the minute, and so is the number of firms that sell these articles.

What is Custom Essay Writing Service?

The custom essay writing service is an online organization that specializes in creating unique academic works, such as essays, research papers, and dissertations, within customer-specified timeframes. Students can use the services of such firms to have experienced writers with degrees in certain knowledge domains prepare their papers.

What is the Best Custom Essay Writing Service?

The finest custom essay online service has a track record of completing academic tasks successfully, receives favorable client feedback, has secure payment choices, has a discount system, and employs easily available customer support.

Your pals will advise you that you should purchase custom essays online, but why would you? This question has no correct answer. As the number one choice for students looking to purchase custom essays online, we can assure you that there isn’t a single cause we haven’t heard of- and there are many.

Why Buy Custom Essays Online?

Some of the most prevalent explanations are listed below. So, if you are wondering why your peers from all around the world opt to buy custom essays online, here is a quick rundown:

Time Restrictions

Students struggle not just to make ends meet, but also to fulfill deadlines! If you have to choose between two evils, you will choose with the appearance one- a cheap source to get custom essays online.

Complex Papers

Because certain papers are more difficult than others, many students want assistance in completing them and opt to purchase custom essay online.

Bad Writing Skills

Many people prefer to buy custom essay online to cover up their lack of writing skills best essay writer.

Benefits of Buying Custom Essays

Let’s imagine you want to outsource your custom essay to a writing agency. But, in exchange, what should you expect?

If you choose a reputable custom essay writing service, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

Papers those are entirely unique.

A professional essay writing service is self-aware enough not to provide plagiarized writings. To ensure that you obtain the best outcome, your purchase will go through numerous steps of plagiarism checks.

Writers with prior experience

When you buy custom essays from a service, you will be matched with a writer who specializes in your essay genre and topic area.

Revisions are free.

 If your essay does not completely satisfy you, a writing service will provide you with a free rewrite to bring your order up to par.

Discounts are available.

If you are a first-time customer, you will receive at least a 15% discount. Some services offer continuous loyalty schemes as well.

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

When you are ready to buy custom essay, client care will walk you through the order placing procedure and until you have your assignment.

All these advantages are available to you if you acquire custom essays from amaze1990 tips. We are devoted to assisting you with any paper, no matter how urgent. You won’t have to worry about your other home tasks because our writers have you covered.