American University of Sharjah Math Word Problem Worksheet


Math hw
1) In 2000 census, Georgia had 3 as many people as Illinois (U.S. Bureau of Census, www.census
.gov). If the population of Georgia was 8 million, then what was the population of Illinois?
With AT&T’s One Rate plan you are charged 5 cents per minute plus $2.95 for long-distance
service for one month. If a long-distance bill is $4.80, then what is the number of minutes used?
3) Olivia got a 6% discount when she bought a new Xbox. If she paid $399.50 and x is the original
price, then x satisfies the equation x − 0.06x = 399.50. Solve the equation to find the original
4) What was the original price of a stereo that sold for $560 after a 20% discount?
5) The sum of three consecutive integers is 48. Find the integers.
6) The length of a rectangular piece of property is 1 foot less than twice the width. If the perimeter
is 748 feet, find the length and width.
7) The angle formed by the guy wire and the ground is 3.5 times as large as the angle formed by
the guy wire and the antenna. Find the degree measure of each of these angles.
8) Bridgette drove her car for 2 hours on an icy road. When the road cleared up, she increased her
speed by 35 miles per hour and drove 3 more hours, completing her 255-mile trip. How fast did
she travel on the icy road?
Pierce drove from Allentown to Baker, averaging 55 miles per hour. His journey back to
Allentown using the same route took 3 hours longer because he averaged only 40 miles per
hour. How long did it take him to drive from Allentown to Baker? What is the distance between
Allentown and Baker?
10) Ralph got a 12% discount when he bought his new 2010 Corvette Coupe. If the amount of his
discount was $6606, then what was the original price of the Corvette?
11) When Susan bought her new car, she also got a discount of 12%. She paid $17,600 for her car.
What was the original price of Susan’s car?
12) Sarah is selling her house through a real estate agent whose commission rate is 7%. What
should the selling price be so that Sarah can get the $83,700 she needs to pay off the mortgage?
13) Ruth Ann invested some money in a certificate of deposit with an annual yield of 9%. She
invested twice as much in a mutual fund with an annual yield of 10%. Her interest from the two
investments at the end of the year was $232. How much was invested at each rate?

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