Analysis Of Advertisements & Recommendations For Marketing Communication Plan For Glac?au Vitamin Water

Analysis of Advertisements

This report is about developing a marketing communication plan about non-alcoholic drink “GLAC?AU” vitamin water. GLAC?AU is basically water with bold, fruity flavours and the right amount of sugar. Finally, a little extra nutrition is added to make it what it is. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2017) This brand falls under The Coca Cola Company. The Coca Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company with its headquarter in Atlanta, USA. Glac?au is to be launched in INDIA.

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India is the world’s second largest country in terms of population and more than forty percent of the population is below the age of 35. (Public Radio International, 2017) That is why it is also addressed as the youngest country in the world. The youths in India want to explore, build and discover. This is an opportunity for glac?au vitamin water to target this segment. Some energy drinks are already available in the market and the people are well aware of the benefits. So, glac?au vitamin water will not be bought just for experimenting, it will be bought for purpose. (Shamberg, 2016)

In this report, an approach is made to understand the communications environment of India. A total number of 3 advertisements each belonging to print, outdoor and film medium are analysed based upon the different marketing theories. These advertisements are active and featured in website. Also, they belong to the same group (non-alcoholic beverages).

After analysing and understanding the influence of culture, recommendations are made for advertising glac?au vitamin water by using one of the medium.

1. Print Advertisement for “Boost” 

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Boost, a product of GSK Consumer Healthcare India is a chocolate flavoured food drink with malt-base. The most famous cricket stars of India who have a huge fan following (especially among children) like Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Virendar Sehwag and now M S Dhoni and Virat Kohli have endorsed it. The brand is popular in its core market i.e. kids for its delicious chocolate taste. (, 2017)

The decision to buy a product by an individual depends upon various factors. This viewpoint of consumer behaviour theory is applied in this advertisement. The most important points from this theory applicable to this advertisement are mentioned below:

  • Psychological Factor – A growing up child look towards his elders and important persons for motivation. Here in this advertisement it is mentioned about Nadia, the 14-year gymnast who got perfect 10. The advertisement covers motivation, perception and learning.
  • Personal Factors – The personal factors such as age, occupation and personality are covered in it and the message here is for youths, occupation and personality is sports.
  • Self-actualization – The self-actualization (self-realization and development) factor from Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs is also covered in this advertisement as it is clear that by reading the advertisement the person can realize his/her true worth.
  • Social Factors -Social factors that is covered in this advertisement is the message “The more I Play, The more I Learn”. The consumer clearly gets the message to work hard.
  • Cultural Factors – The sports culture is growing in India. Whether it is talked about world cups (of different sports) or Olympics, Indians have started to shine. A sports culture is developing in India and it is clearly visible in this advertisement. (Haskell, 2017)

The advertisement shows the different feelings ruling the mind of a child who wants to become a successful gymnast. How sports teach us various lesson for real life like self-confidence, ambitions, sharing etc. To keep learning one has to keep playing and hence need to stay fit, strong and energetic. This advertisement successfully delivers the message among young ones to overcome their fears and achieve their goals. So, after analysis, it can be said that the advertisement can easily influence the target consumer, thereby benefitting brand.

Brooke Bond Red Label Tea is one of India’s largest selling tea brands. It is distributed by HUL (Hindustan Uniliver Limited). The brand has made its unique approach to consumers by using the tagline “Swad Apnepan ka (Taste of Togetherness)”. (Hindustan Unilever Limited website, 2017)

Segmentation helps in choosing target buyers and provide essential information. This theory is perfectly applied in this ad. The four commonly used bases of segmentation that are reflected in this advertisement are mentioned below:

  • Demographic – The demographic factors such as age, gender, social class, lifestyle are in this commercial. The group targeted is two generations, i.e. young adults and seniors. Both male and female are covered and the man coming from work and her pictures with musical instrument reflects their social class and lifestyle.  
  • Geographic – The geographic factor i.e. region is visible as people areIndian and the language is Hindi.
  • Psychographic – The psychographic factors include activities, interest, opinion and values. The value is there as an unknown person comes and makes tea for an Alzheimer patient. The opinions are well said in the audio. Interest is definitely tea. Both working class and non-working are covered in this advertisement.
  • Behavioristic – Here the customer is loyal to the brand, when she asks to get half cup more it displays that she likes this tea.

Buyer (Consumer) Behaviour Theory

This ad features an Alzheimer patient who has lost her memory. Her neighbour comes from work and makes tea for her. The aroma of tea makes her happy and reminds about her son. She addresses her neighbour as her son and he responds positively. She likes the taste and in end, she asks for half cup more. This advertisement undoubtedly makes an impact on the targeted group. The message is very clearly delivered to the viewer. This advertisement is reflecting the Indian culture. The togetherness factor has worked very well. Family members sit and drink tea together (although he is not her son but she thinks so).

Anando Milk is a Mumbai based company that is in the business of manufacturing premium flavoured milk products. Considering what Aristotle once stated, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”, they deliver best quality products. (, 2017)

Marketing and sales communications is a management process by which a company engages its various viewers. This is consumer oriented brand advertising. The focus is on brand identity and making the mind of customer towards a positive thought about the brand. This advertisement includes a child powerful enough to manoeuvre a section of an enormous building. Families can imagine that when youngsters drink milk, they will be fit and strong. To the small children, they discover what seems to be a boy or girl pushing the building and are encouraged to automatically imagine they can be strong like a superhero if they drink enough milk. (Lagrove, 2016)

The exaggerated message comes out that drinking Anando Milk gives the consumer super human powers. This particular advertisement has been designed with a transparent background to help make the advertisement seem more life-like. The colours are strategically designed in the advertisement to be able to perfectly complement with that particular part of the building. This advertisement works well in getting audience’s attention without distracting the audience with words. So, if a new product is waiting to be launched, the organization should focus on the Indian culture that is displayed through this ad. The people can easily be deviated towards the products if they are shown its health benefits.

Glac?au vitamin water is to be launched in India. The medium that will be used for advertising is Internet because this medium can deliver message more accurately. ( The Next Generation Library, 2017) The recommendations are as follows –

  • Social Media -First thing will be to start with social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. India is going through Internet revolution and by using internet as medium more buyers can be reached at once. The inspirational messages in image format can be posted on the social media sites. Some real time special offers should also be launched. This will help in targeting precise audience. An advertising partner should be engaged in this like “Campaign India” who specializes in consumer brands, social media and have technology and tools for stable campaign management.
  • Search Engine Optimization -A product specific landing page should be created featuring photos, description and videos. This page should be properly coded for search, complete with keyword-rich copy, title tags, header text, a unique URL and meta information that succinctly describes about glac?au vitamin water. (Cornell, 2011)
  • Email Marketing -An offer to pre-order glac?au vitamin water with discount and it should be especially for email recipients. An e-mail drip campaign will be set that sends messages regularly at timed intervals to keep glac?au vitamin water on customer’s mind and also regular sales will be generated. This will help in nurturing and rewarding the existing relationship with Coca Cola and to increase the trust that company has already earned. (Cornell, 2011)
  • Online Advertising -Google AdWords will be helpful because it will boost awareness and funnel parties directly to glac?au. It will help to reach the youths with wide reach. The energy drink should also be advertised on social networks like Facebook because Facebook has more than 500 million users and being visible to them will be beneficial. (Cornell, 2011)
  • Launch on Online Retail Sites – As smartphone has become the new market place for Indians, more and more people (especially youths) visit daily to do shopping. So, the product can be launched with an offer on these retail sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. This will help in forming brand identity thereby increasing the sale of glac?au vitamin water.
  • Social Media Influencers – The most active social media users among youths should be researchedand located. These people have a unique advantage because of their listeners, viewers and followers. They may not provide instant results but maintaining a relationship with them can lead to valuable long-term relationship. The tools like Twitter Grader, Klout and Twello will indicate the major players in social space and especially in health drink market. (Cornell, 2011)


Marketing communication, a very important part of any company’s marketing process, is probably one of the most visible method used to tell customers regarding the company. The planning process can be extremely versatile when a new product is launched in another country. Internet is one such medium to advertise the launch of new product. There are many ways to advertise on internet and some of them interrelate. It can also be seen in the report. As Indian youths are attracted and motivated towards fitness so it will be a good time to launch the vitamin water. The benefits can easily be spread amongst target group. The medium selected is internet and almost everyone from target group knows how to use internet.

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