Arizona State University Biology Worksheet


What characteristics of bacterial growth guide the development of models?
Cells divide in half
Each cell takes approximately the same time to divide
Neither of the above
Both of the above
Question 2 (1 point) ✓ Saved
The change in bacterial population (B(t) – B(t-1)) increases with each time step
positive curvature with time
negative curvature with time
It is constant
Question 3 (1 point) ✓ Saved
What can we confidently say about the rate of cellular division
Cells divide once during each time step
Cells divide less than once per time step
A certain fraction of the cells divides during each time step
There is not a constant rate of cell division during time steps
Question 4 (1 point)
Which equation for bacterial growth is mathematically correct?
B(t+1) – B(t) = C (B(t+1))
B(t) – B(t – 1) = C (B(t-1))
B(t+1) – B(t-1) = 2C(B(t))
B(t+1) = (1/C)(B(t+1) – B(t))
Question 5 (1 point) Saved
If the rate of cellular division is constant, but the change in concentration is
increasing, then what can we say about C, the rate of change.
where B(t+1) – B(t) = C B(t)
C is increasing over time
C is a constant
C must be calibrated for each time step
none of the above
Question 6 (1 point) Saved
Plotting population change vs population density indicates that the model of
bacterial growth (governing differential equation) is
somewhere in between linear and exponential
none of the above

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