ART 100 CC Three Photomontages Scale Proportion Unity & Variety Presentation


See attached document for instructions on how to do this project.

Grossmont College / Art Dept.
S. Wascher
Art 100
Spring 2021
Creative Art Project B
Three Photomontages
Total Points: 30 maximum
Due TR 3/25, 11:59pm
Complete one of each type of photomontages below:
1 – Emphasis with Scale and/or Proportion photomontage with hidden object(s).
2 – Implied Space through various Perspectives photomontage.
3 – Gestalt (unity & variety) photomontage with lettering.
Photomontage – A montage is a collection of objects that form a unified whole. A photomontage is a collage using photographs
or photographic imagery that are put together to form the illusion of a single image. A photomontage can look normal or surreal.
When making your photomontage, have an open mind. Whenever you use collage, you have to work with what you find. It is usually
a good idea to let the pictures suggest the composition rather than looking for pictures that satisfy a preconceived image.
Written portion
You’ll also need to complete one written portion for your three photomontages, which should include the following:
a. How you went about your process from beginning to end.
b. Describe other strong visual elements and/or principles of design, beyond its original intent, which you incorporated
into each photomontage. What makes your compositions effective? (See study guide 1, parts 2 & 3)
c. How would you assess your technical skills and what would you have done differently?
d. Were your three photomontages successful? Why or why not?
For the written paper – Font size should not be larger than Times New Roman 12, if you are using a different font style. Normal margins 1” top, bottom & sides. Don’t aim to make larger margins and less text. Better to have smaller margins and more text.
Written paper should be approximately 2-3 pages.
Scan or Photograph your photomontages and upload your work with written portion in the project container on Canvas.
Grading criteria:

Selecting interesting imagery for each type of photomontage. (2pts each = 6pts total)

Creating effective compositions which reach its given parameters. (4pts each = 12pts total)

Choosing effective values and colors which work well together. (1pt each = 3pts total)

Technical skills and craftsmanship. (3pts)

Quality and thoroughness of your written analysis. (3pts)

Following directions. (3pts)

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