ART 45A San Diego State University AIDS Memorial Quilt Questions


1-First assignment:Research the AIDS Quilt that travels around the country. What does a memorial like the AIDS quilt do for the living? What does it do for the dead?2-Second assignment: Dia de los Muertos ProjectDiego Rivera depicted the Day of the Dead in his fresco of the same name, Dia de Muertos (Fig. 8.25). The Day of the Dead has roots in Mexico and in Latin American countries and is celebrated November 1 and 2 (All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day), mixing Christian and Aztec beliefs. It is a celebratory and festive event, honoring dead ancestors. Look at Rivera’s fresco carefully for details of the celebration. You will see calaveras, or skulls, skeletons, sugar skulls, and skull masks. Compare this work to Jose Guadalupe Posada’s Las bravisimas calaveras guatemaltecas de Mora y de Morales (Fig. 1.16).Research the traditions of Dia de los Muertos to discover some of the traditional crafts, food, and activities associated with the holiday. Create one of the traditional crafts, such as papel picado, or construct an altar to honor a deceased family member. 3-Third assignment Just about every temple, church, place of worship, and most religious art in general is symmetrical. Some art is composed of geometric designs. The geometry and symmetry in religious art is there to reassure. Show you they are stable, calm and to comfort or welcome.Research one symbol that is represented in religion. You can choose one of the examples in the text, such as the triangle, the dove, the circle, or light, or you can choose a different symbol. In what religion do you see this symbol? Under what context is it normally shown/what does it represent? In what other religions is this symbol used? 200-300 words.

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