Belief Systems Discussion


Belief SystemsFromma Walsh, the author of your text, refers to belief systems as the heart and soul of resilience. Please use the assigned readings and use the Library to research peer-reviewed studies to support your post.Please respond to the following:Why does Fromma Walsh refer to belief systems as the heart and soul of resilience?How does an individual, family, or group belief system influence the way in which they make sense of an adverse eventConsidering the influence one’s belief system has on their perception of the world around them, why is it so important for human service professionals to consider the client’s belief system when making referrals to resources and interventions

Chapter 3: “Belief Systems: The Heart and Soul of Resilience”Chapter 3 explores the development of shared family belief systems and discusses how the family belief system influences a member’s perception of the world around them as well as their perception of adverse events in their life.

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