BIO 101 CUNY Lehman College Biology Question


• Orderly description of the experiment, including all the sections above
The objective of the experiment. (very important)
Short, but clear description of the procedure
Complete description of main results and conclusions
Deadline: Friday March 11, end of day
Optional (not Ec, but optional, if you need clarification, please ask)
Pick one of the experiments from the list below that you carried out during the first half
of the lab sessions this semester and write at home a detailed description (about one
typed page) of the experiment including:
Objective – Materials and Methods – Experiment test and controls (if you had them) –
How you gathered the data for that particular experiment – Results – Conclusion
If a graph was required, which variable went into the x-axis and which one went into
the y-axis
The experiments are (again, you choose one out of these 5, only these
experiments are valid to write about):
• Diffusion through a simulated semipermeable membrane
• Tonicity of red blood cells
• Plasmolysis in plant cells
The effects of temperature on catechol oxidase
• The effects of various pHs on catalase
Please, write one essay at home with the description of the experiment as we did the
experiment in the lab, and upload it as a Word document or PDF to Moodle for a maximum of
30% of the test grade. If no essay is posted by the deadline, 100% of the test grade will result
from the mandatory in-class multiple-choice quiz
Lab tests are individual assignments, not group activities. I will check for very similar or
identical essays. Students that I find gave identical reports will receive A ZERO (0) for the lab
test and possibly other sanctions
Please do not just copy the lab manual, use your own words. You can use the lab manual as a
guide. You will be evaluated for
(see next)

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