BIO 220 Grand Canyon Development & Implementation of Clinical Systems Questions


Please help with worksheet on Human Populations and Toxins. There are three separate questions no less than 200 words. No special format required.

Human Population and Toxins Resource
There are different perspectives on human population growth and the dynamics associated with
population change. Go to CIA World Factbook website ( and choose one developed (not the United States) and one
developing country and compare the following and answer the questions:
Developed country
(Developed country is a country
which has an effective rate of
industrialization and individual
Developing country
(Developing country is a
country which has slow rate of
industrialization and low per
capita income)
Population growth rate
Birth rate
Death rate
Net migration rate
Each question should be answered in a minimum of 200 words.
1. Why do you think the population is increasing or decreasing for that country? Try to explain at
least two reasons as to why this is happening? (Please refer to your textbook)
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2. How do diseases affect the population? Can you think about any diseases that has affected the
human population? (Please use peer reviewed sources to support your answer).
3. Looking at the countries you compared, what are the toxins present in the environment that
impact human health? Provide one example for each country.
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