Brookline High School Psychology Quizlet Worksheet


Make A Quiz-let for the terms on the image.

Complete the Survey, What
Do You Know About Psychology?, at
notions of people and human behavior.
You Know About Psychology? to understand more about your own preconcei
Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Bele
facial expressions, and movement. The term mental processes refers to all
thinking, feeling
internal, covert (hidden) activity of our minds, such as
remembering. Why “scientific”? To study behavior and mental
both animals and humans, researchers have to observe them. Whenever a hu
being is observing anyone or anything, there’s always a possibility the obs
will see only what he or she expects to see. Psychologists don’t want to let
possible biases* cause them to make faulty observations. They want to
precise as possible and measure as carefully as they can, so they use the
method to study psychology.
sychology scientific study of
ehavior and mental processes.
* biases: personal judgments based on beliefs rather than facts.
• psychology • theory • functionalism • behaviorism psychodynamic perspective
• behaviorist perspective humanistic perspective cognitive perspective
biopsychological perspective • biopsychosocial perspective
• evolutionary perspective . positive perspective

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