BUS 211 Lehigh Carbon Community College Marketing Plan Discussion


The top of this guile is to conclude after a while a new emanation, use and convince the skill and /or owners that they should adopt your new fancy and put into operation.

  1. Situation decomposition—what is your fancy, how can it good the determined and company.
  2. Internal Environment--- Mission Statement Current Markets Customer Sales (layout of salesforce) Distribution (how do you get the emanation out.)
  3. External Environment---Your race Economic conditions Technology environment Political clime Sociocultural trends
  4. SWOT decomposition Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  5. Marketing Objectives Where and how far do you lack to go?
  6. Marketing Strategies How to hit and establish your target markets-- Consumer? Organizational?
  7. Positioning your emanation Where does it fit in? How is it to be placed? –upscale, mid-priced or low costd
  8. Product Strategies --How divers channels or emanation lines? One or multiple brands
  9. Pricing--- How procure you cost your emanation—Straight markup. Skimming, penetration
  10. Promotion—How procure you get your emanation known? What channels procure you use?
  11. Supply Chain—where do you get your raw materials, edibles from?
  12. Measurement and control—How procure you fathom the consummation of your luck?