Business Analysis Reporting For Sunrise Sushi

Interview Transcript

The selected case study refers to “Sunrise Sushi”, which sushi place in St Kilda, Australia. This was a small business which flourished in no time, due to the taste and popularity of “Sushi” prepared by Josie, who is also the founder and owner of the business. The business expanded by many catering orders from clients for parties and business lunches. Everything was fine when the business was small, but when it starting expanding the actual issues started in terms of wrong order number, delays in delivery which increased dissatisfaction in the clients. The problem was believed to be in wrong management of the spreadsheet and increased work. On the other hand, the business was running in chaos, thus the founder contacted the consulting company to analyze the business for an effective solution for saving the business. Therefore, the report aims to have a clear view of all the actions taking place in the business, by performing business analysis reporting.

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The objective of this report is to provide the use case diagrams with detailed explanation about the diagrams. The Interview transcript and Business Report on Outsourcing will be presented.

The interview transcript for the interview with the client is presented below (, 2018):

Where, the interviewer is “Client”, the interviewee is “Consultant” and the interview Setting: The interview is conducted in the client’s office, during day time.

Affiliation with interviewee: The consultant is contacted by the owner of Sunrise Sushi business, for analyzing the problem in the business, to find the appropriate solution.

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Client’s Answer: We used to either email or directly contact the company for making orders earlier. The process was smooth and responsive when the company was small. We faced no delays or any mistakes in the orders.

Consultant’s Question: Ok… then what went wrong?

Client’s Answer: Gradually, all the things changed, like when we called for ordering we were not attended properly, then our orders were delayed or delivered wrongly. Moreover, our mails are not replied and no confirmation of the order is acknowledged.

Consultant’s Question: Oh, ok. What else complications you face?

Client’s Answer: First they used to acknowledge the orders and we were at relief that our orders will be delivered. But, when we stopped receiving acknowledgments then it was like we were tensed and tried to contact the company, but all in vain, had no proper response.  It lead to refunding issues, and distorting the parties and business lunch commitments.

Consultant’s Question: What difference you find in a small and expanding business of the company?

Client’s Answer: Lack of management and inefficient manual process.

Consultant’s Question: What do you think, the owner must do to improve their current situation?

Client’s Answer: According to me, they have to implement a technology which serves them better.

Consultant’s Question: Will this currently followed process effect the business of Josie?

Client’s Answer: Definitely.

Consultant’s Question: How?

Client’s Answer: Simple, no client wishes to have poor service.

Consultant’s Question: Thank you for your time.

Client’s Answer: My pleasure.

Short Description: When Josie started Sunrise Sushi business.

Functional Requirements

Primary Actor: Josie

Stakeholders: None


  • Josie opened a small place at St Kilda in Australia.
  • Small orders were received.

Post Conditions

  • The clients ordered sushi through emails and phone.
  • The sushi was not popular in the beginning.

Main Success Scenario

  • Josie decides to open a small place
  • The orders were taken through email and telephone.
  • Spreadsheet was used to manage client details and their order related information.
  • The details of the clients, food delivery details and order details were entered immediately when they received an order through mail or telephone.

Alternate flow of Events

2) a. The clients were acknowledged on their orders through email or telephone.

Open issues

  • The Sushi place was not popular.
  • There are possibilities of not attracting the customers.

Short Description: After Josie returned from gourmet tour the business expanded.

Primary Actor: Josie

Secondary Actor: Clients

Stakeholders: None


  • The business was working as normal, with less orders.
  • Josie travelled to Japan, for a gourmet tour.

Post Conditions

  • Customers started praising the quality of sushi.
  • Josie started catering for parties and business lunches.
  • Number of orders increased.
  • The business expanded.

Main Success Scenario

  • After returning from Gourmet tour, the taste of sushi increased.
  • More number of call and emails were showered.
  • Agreements with a couple of Coles supermarkets and various 7-Eleven shops present in the locality was made. 
  • A warehouse was rented, in Prahran.
  • The warehouse was modified into a commercial kitchen to prepare sushi and to store the required ingredients. 
  • The clients ordered sushi through emails and phone.
  • Same spreadsheet was used to store the details of the clients, their food delivery details and order details.
  • Reputation of their products increased.
  • The old method of accepting orders started causing problems.
  • Many overlooked Emails started increasing.
  • The spreadsheet was entered with wrong informationand had many mistakes.
  • Wrong delivery was received by other person.
  • Customers became dissatisfied

a. The telephone was busy most of the times, for receiving the orders.

Open issues

  • The Sushi place lacked management.
  • The manual process was a threat to her business.

Short Description: The delivery issues increased due to spreadsheet practice.

Primary Actor: Josie

Secondary Actor: Clients


  • Josie used same spreadsheet even for her expanding business.
  • The emails were overlooked.
  • Customers felt challenges to contact, for placing orders.

Post Conditions

  • Incorrect numbers, incorrect orders and customer details were entered.
  • Customers started receiving wrong orders.
  • Customers faced delays.

Main Success Scenario

  • When same spreadsheet method was used, itincreased the management issues.
  • Still, manual entering of customer details and orders took place.
  • The telephone lines were busy.
  • The number of complaints increased.
  • Poor management took place.
  • Customers faced delays.
  • Customer were not satisfied.

3) a. If, the calls were answered, manual entering of customer details and orders ran into chaos. Due to increased call flow.

 4) a. It was difficult to rectify the problem, for customers’ complaints in the spreadsheet.

Open issues

  • The Sushi business was in critical situation.
  • It lacks management skills and methods.

Short Description: Certain food items were less and certain varieties of sushi increased, so refrigerating items increased.

Primary Actor: Josie

Secondary Actor: Clients


  • Production of varieties of sushi increased.
  • Josie’s business ran out of supplies, for certain items.

Post Conditions

  • Orders were not fulfilled due to lack of supplies.
  • Increased wastage of varieties of sushi.

Main Success Scenario

  • The varieties of sushi increased, to stop loosing clients.
  • The number of total orders were unknown.
  • This resulted in running out of supplies.
  • Resulted in large items needed refrigeration space.
  • The storage management was not effective, to manage the available space.
  • Refunding the amount to the clients took place.
  • Josie contacted the Consulting Company for business analysis to rectify the problem in the business.

Alternate flow of Events

3) a. This increased the challenge to complete the orders, without supplies.

  1. Finally, the orders had to be cancelled.

Open Issues

  1. How many items are required was not in count, due to incorrect spreadsheet.
  2. How many orders are placed were not known?
  3. How many ordered were pending was also not known?
  4. To whom the orders must reach was also not known?

Short Description: After Consultation of Business report, the suggestion for Josie was to implement two feature in the business.

Primary Actor: Catering CRM tool

Secondary Actor: Food delivery outsourcing third party service


  • Josie contacted consulting company.

Post Conditions

  • Consultant from the consulting company contacted clients to inquire the issues and challenges faced by them.

Main Success Scenario

  • To investigate the business analysis, consulting company was consulted by the owner.
  • For knowing the reason for customer dissatisfaction and management issues in the business.
  • The reason for customer dissatisfaction and management issues in the business, was investigated, with an interview.
  • The interview provided actual facts behind the loss of clients, their needs, and reasons for increased complaints from the clients
  • Effective solution was analysed and suggested to the owner based on the business analysis report.
  • The solution includes, Catering CRM tool and Food delivery outsourcing service from a third party.

Alternate flow of Events

2) a. The clients were questioned about their experience of booking their orders and delivery of orders.

  1. The customers were frustrated with the current service provided by the business.

Open issues

  • How much will the new methods cost for the owner?
  • Will she be able to afford such expense?

This section discusses about the business processes and their current working style to advice the management on outsourcing service (, 2018) (Oxford Dictionaries, 2018) (Meintjes, 2018). 

Earlier Sunrise Sushi was a small sushi place, located in St Kilda. The business flourished in a short duration of time, due to the increased popularity of the sushi prepared by Josie. She is also the founder and owner of the business. With the increasing catering orders for parties and business lunches, the business expanded. When the business was small all the process worked smoothly, like answering the email orders and telephone orders. The spreadsheet was updated when the orders were dispatched and accepted. But, later it was difficult as it workload increased and the number of calls and emails increased manual attention was challenging. This lack of attention led to incorrect details of customers and orders, which increased the confusion and harms the business working process. At present the customers are not happy with the service and are demanding for refund. Josie has made agreements with a couple of Coles supermarkets and various 7-Eleven shops, present in the locality. Same spreadsheet is used still. There is a commercial kitchen in Prahran, which also has some space for storing the ingredients. There is a serious problem of overlooked emails and mistakes in the spreadsheet. The number of complaints are increased from the clients, related to sushi delivery. There is shortage of some item supplies and more items need refrigeration, which can lead to wastage. Certain varieties of sushi produced more when compared to the other type of sushi. It is adjusting due amounts for saving their clients.


The owner has contacted the consulting company for investigating the reason for customer dissatisfaction and management issues in the business. Then, Interview is conducted to know the actual facts behind the loss of clients, their needs, and reasons for increased complaints from the clients. Because, it is necessary to understand the needs of the customer, to take decision with respect to effective solution (Trapp, 2007).  Based on the analysis/investigation a business analysis report is undertaken.

The findings of the business analysis determines that the business process lacks management and the processes are highly affected by manual processing of the tasks. Moreover, the spreadsheet is not updated simultaneously when the orders are accepted and dispatched. Thus, more effective method is required for managing clients and their details.

The open issues are listed below:

  • How many items are required was not in count, due to incorrect spreadsheet.
  • How many orders are placed were not known?
  • How many ordered were pending was also not known?
  • To whom the orders must reach was also not known?

The Customer relationship management manages the business practices, technologies and strategies. It also analyzes customer interactions and their data maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the customer. It mainly works on improving the customer service relationships and increase the sales (, 2015). The RM systems is capable of compiling the details of the customers from various channels like website of the company, Email, live chat, telephone and social media. CRM systems will have a record of all the details of the customers, their order placement details, their delivery details, purchase history and their concerns and food preferences (Rouse, 2018) (, 2015) (, 2018).

For instance, “Caterease” is one of the best type of Catering CRM tool which can help Josie’s Kitchen to increase the overall productivity and can prevent pricey mistakes (Caterease, 2018). This CRM tool contains the following features (Social Tables, 2018):

  • It contains detailed dashboard.
  • It contains event calendar.
  • It has capacity to instantly edit the information of the clients.
  • It can use the Sunrise Sushi business’s web leads for real-time processing.  

On the other hand, the CRM tool can be used to manage the food supplies in the Kitchen and helps not to let wastage of food items. Storage of food supplies are managed effectively, as per the requirement (, 2018).

When it comes to outsourcing, the employees and the owner need not do all the management work. Because, there are best solutions available for outsourcing the restaurant and catering tasks, which can save time to concentrate on preparation of the required dishes, for completing the orders on time (The benefits of outsourcing workplace catering, 2017) (Ukweza, 2017) .

The food delivery is one of the suggested task in the Sunrise Sushi Kitchen which can be outsourced. Because, the food delivery option can help to expand the business in the market and increase the profit for the business.  However, this method can cost more if the business wants to have its own delivery drivers. Thus, it is better to opt third party delivery service like DoorDash, UberEATS and so on. The drivers will deliver the food irrespective of time and size of the order.

Management of orders with these services can be easy (QuickBooks Canada, 2018).

Thus, solution is expected to have no delivery issues like late delivery, wrong order and so on, and the clients will be satisfied with the on-time service.  

Though delivery outsourcing service and implementation of CRM tool will cost high for Josie, it is an effective expense, which the business can spend on, without any worries. As, it will benefit the business in the future. Catering CRM Tools can be used as a best option for tech-based caterers. Because, the right CRM tool will help the business to create and implement processes, for increasing efficiency of the business, which saves time and money.


The business analysis of the Sunrise Sushi kitchen is completed. The purpose of this analysis was to have a clear view of all the actions that takes place in the business, to identify the actual issue and its root cause. Thus, after identifying the root cause the problem is resolved, where the problem is identified as lack of management and manual processing. The Business analysis reporting determines the current situation, and analyses the business process by contacting the clients, to know what problem they are facing with the business and so on. The help of a consulting company is taken to do the analysis, where the consultant from this company gets a business analysis report and recommends a better solution for the information system, to profit from the solution and to manage the business effectively.  

Catering CRM tool is suggested as a solution for Sunrise Sushi. On the other hand, it is also suggested that Josie opt food delivery outsourcing service from a third party as it benefits. Combining these two suggestions will assist the business to go hand-in-hand and make the business highly productive and efficient (, 2018).

This solution can help Josie with keeping track of all the orders and ensuring their deliveries on time.  The CRM option helps to benefit the business, to hold its clients and to attend all the clients, without losing them for any reason, thus maintains customer satisfaction. Moreover, the CRM tool can also benefit in managing the food supplies and helps not to let waste of food items. Storage of food supplies are managed effectively, as per the requirement.

Interview is conducted with the clients to know their perspectives and challenges while ordering and receiving their deliveries. This report provides the interview transcript that took place between the consultant and the client. The Business Report on Outsourcing is provided.

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