business: organizational culture


Rank these values in order according to how important they will be to you in a professional work setting after you finish your degree (from most important to least important): challenge, curiosity, quality (thorough, accurate work), rewarding & supportive relationships with colleagues, openness (being receptive to new ideas or multiple perspectives), understanding/helping/serving others, courage/risk taking, creativity/originality.
Then, answer the following in 500-600 words:

1) How might the personal values that you ranked in #1 align with organizational culture characteristics (the 7 organizational culture characteristics in the book & “What is Organizational Culture” video/PDF) and why is this important to consider?
2) Connect your organizational culture preferences to the Organizational Design video. For example, why does the organizational culture you prefer tend to be more mechanistic or more organic? What other aspects of the Organizational Design video makes you think differently about the organizational culture you prefer? 
my ranking :
1. Courage/ risk taking 
5. openness 
2. quality 
6. challenge 
3. creativity/ originality 
7. rewarding and supportive relationships with collogues 
4. understanding/helping/serving others 
8. curiosity  

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