Bussiness Communication Strategies Paper


Assignment 1 Writing an informal Business Report (20%)
The Scenario:
The medium size tech company that employs you provides advisory and professional services.
In consideration of the trend toward remote work they intend to create a policy on
telecommuting. Telecommuting refers to the situation where work duties are completed from
home or other locations through the use of various technologies. The company is seeking the
input of their professional employees to contribute to the content of the policy. The policy may
support telecommuting or restrict it. The intent is to create a better understanding of the issue and
set the ground rules and expectations for employees.
The Assignment
The organization supports the collaboration and creativity of its highly talented employees.
Accordingly, each employee (student) is required to prepare an analytical report
addressing the pros and cons of telecommuting using an indirect strategy. The research must
address the following factors: (a) the impact on performance; (b) the impact on collaboration and
teamwork and (c) the impact on mental wellbeing. The report will be 3-4 pages in length and the
findings referenced with at least one credible source for each factor for a total of three properly
referenced citations. The report will have four headings: 1. Introduction, 2. Research Findings 3.
Conclusions and 4 Recommendations.

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