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Case 4. Delivering Enterprise-Wide Decision Support through E-Business ApplicationsCase 4 QuestionsC4-1. What can HCHS do to prepare for anticipating market changes and staying ahead of the business needs?C4-2. How can HCHS impart training to users on the analytical and proper utilization of the data?C4-3. Prepare an implementation plan for the next generation of the DSS application. Who would you involve in such a project team and what expertise would they bring?C4-4. How would you go about measuring the return on investment for the investment in the DSS?C4-5. How do you respond to the growing demand for a “true” enterprise model in the very nonintegrated reality of healthcare information technology?case study starts from page 373 from the textbook attached below.APA FORMAT, INTEXT CITATIONS WITH REFERENCE PAGE. Write a 3-page paper addressing the following questions.

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