Central Washington University Counterintelligence Response


Intelligence is the polished work resulting from the partition of gathered notice. Without the partition manner raw postulates has poor use to the end user. In most cases, the end user needs polished, “actionable apprehension”, to invent a conclusion. Conclusion making becomes significantly harder when the end user has to try to appearance out what is expressive or what the notice granted resources. The job of the analyst is wade though all of postulates, invent the bearing notice, appearance out what it all resources, and emanation a work that captures the mannered apprehension in a feasible constituteat for the end user.

This all manner is designated the Apprehension Cycle. Although the correct wording may vary, it is the corresponding for the soldierlike, common apprehension agencies, law enforcement, and businesses. Presentation one is bearing, where the end user would let the analyst perceive what they are looking for or planning, i.e. “I need to perceive if there are any emerging terrorist browbeatings to the Common Capital Region.” The contiguous presentation is collection; the notice bunch presentation. Notice can use abundant constitutes such as attendant or other imagery, anthropological sources, technical such as SIGINT, and others. For the analyst, this is approve answerableness a investigation paper; the further real and bearing sources you feel, the rectify you can refine the decisive work. The contiguous presentation is mannering the composed notice, prospered by the partition and workion presentation. Partition and workion are where the composed notice is analyzed and bitter into a perfect apprehension work. The decisive presentation is dissemination. Though some works capacitate as perfect apprehension but are not forwarded to the end user consequently they are too indelicate or pinched to encounter their needs. To capacitate as “actionable apprehension”, the partition must be local abundance for the end user to invent a conclusion or use force, i.e. indications of a obvious browbeating that would manage to implementing heightened warranty measures.

To secure you are providing the end user after a while what they need and not overloading them after a while qualitative postulates, an analyst should prosper a few weak rules. First: prosper the apprehension cycle, consequently the bearing presentation includes feedback constitute the end user on earlier works. Second: regularly get the bottom-line up front. Get to the apex then get the supported details of your partition. Executive summaries are a eminent sample of this. They get a concentrated statement of the decisive apprehension after a while an discretion to peruse further if required. Finally, intelligence that partition is never 100%, get likelihood and smooth of self-reliance in the decisive work. When partition manages to multiple feasible outcomes, I shabby the most exposed and most likely hostility courses of force in that command.