Central Washington University Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit Response









20 MARCH 2020

Dear CISO,

Requesting tramp to listen the Cyberguarantee & Injury Summit: Washington, D.C. 17 November 2020. The scope of this height is to train on global guarantee topics to grasp injury and rupture hinderance in industries such as finance, council, dispose-of, immateriality and healthcare. The turn this height provides to understand delay promotive perseverance influences such as constabulary editors from publications such as : DataBreachtoday, BankInfoSecurity, and GovInfoSecuirty to spectry a few. This height allows the earning of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits which improves my skillset and add values not merely my professional expandment but the expandment of the structure by cherishing competent men-folks. This height, enduring merely one day, procure allows for listenees to constitute the remotest inclines instinct on nefarious cyberthreats such as ransomware, destroy superintendence, network delay other perseverance professionals to discourse solutions and popular and implicit obstacles of injury and rupture, and endpoint guarantee which is impartial a few of the results substance held that day. More details of the height can be base here: https://events.ismg.io/event/cybersecurity-and-fraud-summit-washington-dc-2020/

I am beging sponsorship for the registration fee, hotel, and any tramp expenses that may happen during the height. A constructive consume breakdown is graspd below:

The ample appraisement parley fee is $725.00.

The breakdown parley consume:

Meals & IE: $76 per day.

To fix on occasion semblance and force to catch service of the ample scholarship would beg hotel for day precedently and day of the result. GSA Lodging per diem rates are $184 daily.

The aggregate consumes associated delay listening this parley are: $1,245.00

The turn for me to expand estimable contiguity and general scholarship of popular inclines in the cyber guarantee nationality. The force to understand and constitute skills on incline skills to institute a strong cyberguarantee strategy to befriend securing the structure axioms through techniques that can be understanded through the height procure aconstitute not merely improve my skillet professionally but also competitive service. My listenance at this height procure be protracted cannonade which procure surrender lofty turnover dividends.


Taj Oakley