Challenges Faced In Managing Business Overseas And Strategies To Overcome Them

Literature Review

With the introduction of the globalization,most of the business is planning to go global in order to maximize the profitability and the value. In the current report, we will summarize the literature done in the assignment first. Further in the assignment research is conducted to primary sources in order to obtain an understandingof the topic and draw a valid conclusion.

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The objective of the project is to identify the challenges faced in managing business overseas and strategies to overcome challenges

The researcher has limited the scope to analyzing the risk in managing the business overseas rather than focusing on other challenges

The literature review part of the previous assessment reports the study over the need of the global team and the issue which the organization faces in managing them. Further, the literature has reported the major issue which the company generally faces in managing business overseas with the focus over the five key major issues. The major issue which was reported in the literature is improper alignment, communication barrier, culture barrier,and absence of required equipment’s. The literature also suggests some of the methods which the company follows in managing these issues.

The need for the global virtual teams arrives from the rise in globalization and it is made possible because of the evolution in the technology. In this process, the companies have faced various issues as they do not haveexperience about it. The formation of the teams included the involvement of the people different part of the world. The only objective behind doing that was to increase the efficiency of the team and hence the productivity of the project. One of the reasons behind this team formation has resulted in serving challenges to the management is that they were failed to so is the lack of coordination between the members. It happened because the members of the team were from different background and culture. They did not have proper tuning between them.Also, the working style of the people varies from place to place. The reason behind the companies started using this concept of bringing people from a different background is thatthey wanted to solve the complex project by taking help from the people who belong from a different group.

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There were five major issues that the companies have faced while dealing with the global virtual teams. The first is that the team members hesitate to trust each other without seeing them. one more issue that they face is that as the team members are situated at the different location, and the real work is happening at the different location. The third issue that they face is related to the diversity in culture. the people often are not able to work together well with people from different background. Also, in order to deal with all these challenges, the organizations doopt for the old school techniques which might do not solve the problems of the modern world.

Challenges Faced in Managing Global Virtual Teams

It is required from them to involve new kind of strategies such as acknowledgment of culture differences by the managers, fostering the need of regular communication, providing equal opportunities to each member, reinforcing the current structure and by establishing core and defining the trust among members.

  • What are the challenges that are faced by the managers in managing global virtual teams?
  • What are the strategies can help in dealing with the identified challenges?

Research methodologies can be considered as an integral part of the entire research study. In order to conduct the research successfully, there is a requirement for selecting appropriate tools and methods. This combination of the various tools and methods that increase the credibility of the research work and enhance the efficiency of the research, is known as research methodologies (Barak, 2016). The selection of the appropriate techniques and methods is dependent on the type of research that is conducting by the researcher. There exists some key component of the research methodologies that are important to be considered for the research work by the researcher, such as, research approach, research design, research philosophy, data collection and analysis, ethics consideration, limitation of the research and time schedule. In the present research, the objective is finding out the key challenges that the organizations faced with their global teams and the way by which they can deal with these challenges. In order to conduct this research effectively, the key components of the research methodologies will be discussed in this report.

The research philosophy can be comprehended as the strategy according to which we analyze the information and the data related to the topic that we have gathered while researching. It likewise speaks to the assumption that the researcher is required to consider and interrelates the connection between the information that he or she has gathered and the learning procedure. Alongside that, it can likewise be expressed as the function according to which the researcher is thinking about receiving knowledge from the information that he has gathered (Ellis & Bach, 2015). The research philosophy ensures that the researcher is going forward according to the plan by which the proper outcomes can be acquired.

In the research philosophy, there exist two sorts of research philosophies, interpretivism, and positivism. In the interpretivism research philosophy, the research is required to do the translation of the fundamental outcomes which are identified with the investigation. The philosophy depends on the possibility that the truth must be access by the social development which incorporates different perspectives like language, shared importance, and instruments. While the positivism research philosophy is more founded on positive certainties (Hannington, 2016). Likewise, it encourages the possibility that the target reality must be seen without having any one-sided thought in regards to the standardized instruments.

Proposed Strategies to Manage Global Virtual Teams

While conducting this study which depends on the identification of the challenges that are faced by the companies in managing the global virtual teams and strategies that can help in dealing with those challenges the best philosophy will be positivism philosophy. It is on account of; up to some degree our find the issues that are faced by managers while managing global teams. Hence, the positivism philosophy will be the most appropriate philosophy for this purpose. For this investigation, we don’t select the interpretivism reasoning in light of the fact that there is no such prerequisite of social development.

The research approach can be comprehended as the arrangement and set of strategy that are comprised of the means which included the assumptions taken by the researcher to the analysis of the information that he or she has made dependent on the data that they have gathered. It is required from the researcher to take the choices at different points in the research work with the goal that the research can be done in a compelling way. There exist two sorts of research approach that can be utilized in the research by the researchers, i.e. deductive and inductive.

In the inductive approach, the first important undertaking of the research is to gather relative information for the study (Mackintosh, 2018). There is a prerequisite of looking through the data that can be utilized while conducting the research workso that the end goalscan be met. The outcomes of the inductive approach move from particular to the general. The majority of them are gotten from the findings of the study that are received from the literature review.

In the deductive approach, the researcher is required to perform the hypothesis depending on the subject of the exploration. The hypothesis must be developed based on the data got from the previous hypothesis. Because of this, the examination in this methodology is moved from the general from particular.

In the present research, where our fundamental objective is to identify the issues that are faced by the managers of the company while managing the global virtual teams the strategies by which that issues can be reduced, the inductive methodology would be an incredible option. We are required to find out the different kind of issues and challenges that are being faced by the managers in managing international teams, hence, in such a situation; there will be no need of making the hypothesis. We simply just require finding relevant data related to that topic. Thus, the deductive approach can be dismissed on this subject, and we can utilize the inductive approach with the end goal to accomplish the destinations of our research.

Key Components of Research Methodologies

The research design can be understood as the blueprint of the research which is required to be trained by the research as it gives the structure by which we can lead the research in a viable way. By utilizing the research design the researcher can have the idea regarding the research which he or she needs to pursue while conducting the examination. There exist different kinds of research design which can help the specialist to direct their study, i.e., experimental, descriptive, exploratory, and so on. They can choose the plan according to their topic.

In the descriptive research design, the research is permitted to give the description of the research topic that has been chosen for the research. No change is required in nature while gathering the information by utilizing this research design. There exist three key main methods by which we can lead the research in a descriptive design, i.e.observational, case study, survey.

While the exploratory research design is more similar to a systematic methodology in which there is a necessity of the control of factors by the researcher. Those controlled factors can be estimated when they change by the impact of another variable. The primary point behind this plan is to explore the new thoughts and ways that can be connected with the research. Along with that, the connection is likewise one of the components that assist in understanding the connection between at least two or more than two factors in the study. The positive connection connotes that the augmentation in the one variable will have the positive effect on the others or the other way around.

In order to conduct the present research work, the exploratory research design will be the best choice for us to run with as it will be an extraordinary help with understanding the challenges that are faced in managing the global virtual teams (Zuofa& Ochieng, 2017). While leading the research, we will not only identify the challenges but will also look for the strategies that can be helpful for the managers in order to deal with those challenges. As in this point, there is no necessity of giving the description of the theme, along these lines, the other research approach would not be proper for us to consider.

The sampling is likewise paramount amongst in the research work. In the sampling, it is required to choose the respondents from the target population for getting the extensive measure of data that is required for the research. Alongside that, there is a necessity of selecting the respondents that are reasonable for the research work so that the goals of the research can be achieved. The target population is the gathering of people which has been chosen with the end goal to get the sample for the research.

Researchers utilize two kinds of sampling inspecting systems that isprobability sampling and other is nonprobability sampling. In aprobability sampling, theresearcher can identify the likelihood of a elements (participant’s) being combinedin thesample. In anonprobability sampling, there is no way to get of evaluating the likelihood of a component’s being combinedin an example. In the event that the researcher’sbenefit is in combining the discoveries got from the sample to the all-inclusive community, at such conditionprobability sampling is unmistakably valuable as well as accurate. Inopportunely, it is similarly significantly more difficult and costlieras compared to thenonprobability sampling.

The system which is known as stratified random sampling is one of thetype of probability sampling. To stratify proposes to illustrate or to isolate people into gatherings as designated by a few attributes, such as, salary, training, sex,position, rank or ethnic foundation. These variousattributes are mentioned to as subsets or the subgroups. For a stratified random sample, the population is partitioned into gatherings or strata. Stratified arbitrary examples are by and large more precise in speaking to the populace thatis basic irregular examples.

Convenience Sampling is utilized in light of the fact that it is quick, cheap, and advantageous. Convenience Samplingis helpful for specific purposes, and they require little planning. Researchers basically utilize members who are accessible right now. The system is easygoing and simple, with respect to random sampling. Contrast utilizing any accessible members with random sampling, where you should

(1) have a very much characterized populace,

(2) develop a list of individuals from the populace in the event that one isn’t accessible,

(3) sample randomly from the list, and

(4) contact and use however many people from the list as would be prudent.

In some substantial scale utilization of sampling procedures, it isn’t constantly possible or alluring to list all people from the population and randomly select elements from that list. The explanations behind utilizing any elective systems incorporate cost, time, and comfort. One alternate methodology is quota sampling. This method is frequently utilized by economic specialists and those who are taking political surveys. For the most part, when this strategy is utilized, the number of inhabitants in intrigue is huge and there are no instant arrangements of names accessible from which to sample randomly. The Gallup Poll is outstanding amongst other known and well-conducted polls to utilize portion examining. This survey as often as possible reports on significant open issues and on presidential elections. The aftereffects of the survey are syndicated for a charge that backings it.

In the present investigation, where our objective is to build up anunderstanding of the challenges of the management of the global virtual team and strategies to deal with them, the convenience sampling method would be a superior decision for the research. With respect to doing as such, we are required to finalize the sample according to the motivation behind the examination. The determination of the employees who are working in a medium or large-scale association would be favored. This will be useful for us on the grounds that the workers will have the capacity to give us the research details and their own encounters in regards to the research topic.

It is required of the researcher to pick proper sources for gatheringdata with the end goal to achieve the goals and targets of the research. Alongside that, the nature of the information that has been gathered does influence the final outcomes and research quality. In less complex terms, the data collection can be comprehended as the strategy, in which the researcher gathers the information and data that are identified with the topic of the research from different sorts of accessible sources with the end goal to lead the research in a compelling way.

There are two principal classifications of data collection, that is, primary sources and secondary sources. In the primary sources, the data that are given in the research work is fresh and isn’t utilized before. The information got from these sources is first hand and profoundly tried and true. The strategy by which we can choose the information as the essential sources seem to be, overviews, face to face sessions, survey. While on the opposite side, in the secondary sources, the information that has been acquired by the specialist has been as of now being utilized by another person previously. The models of having the secondary source’s information are written works, diaries, books, sites, recordings, and so forth that can help the specialist.

In the present research paper, for directing the research to discover challenges and issues faced by management in managing the global virtual teams, we will require utilizingboth sorts of sources, that is, primary sources and secondary sources. According to the primary sources, our fundamental point is towards utilizing the poll for the representatives that are working in the multinational organizations in Australia. What’s more, for the secondary sources, we will take assistance from the journals of the scholars based on this topic, past writing work, from the books, the sites, and the recordings. By utilizing both of the sources, we will have the capacity to gather the most fitting information for the examination.

The ethical considerationis an essential aspectfor the validation of the research work. It ensures that whether the specialist has met all the essential ethical principles while leading the examination. The research procedure must be outlined so as to exclude any scientific delinquency or human experimentation. It is critical in light of the fact that it is extremely true that the researcher faces heaps of issues amid the exploration work. in the present research, it has been made sure that no ethical principles are violated by the research during this research. All the information that has been collected from the primary sources such as interviews and questionnaire has been done by taking permission from the sample population. Along with that, the information regarding the objective of the research has been provided to them prior to conducting the interview.

The research limitation can be comprehended as the key components that are not under the control of the researcher while leading the research. The research will confront different checks while leading this examination, for example, it is difficult to get the reactions from the representatives in numerous associations, not anybody can enter in the association premises without approval, and so forth.





So it can be concluded that the managing team across the border is the complex task and it requires innovative strategies to overcome the issue. The organization before moving their operation overseas should create a proper plan as the activity requires huge efforts and cost.


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