Christchurch International Airport – Passenger Handling And Landside Transport

Overview of Christchurch International Airport

The airport operations are one of the most important parts in the proper functioning of the Airport and the different ways in which the passengers can be aided in their work. The operations takes in to account the various aspects of the customer satisfaction in the different situations while flying to and from the airport. The airport is one of the important airports of New Zealand ( 2018). The Christchurch Airport is the second largest airport in the country handling the major population and the cargo traffic in the country.

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The airport chosen in this paper is Christchurch International Airport. This is an international passenger airport where thousands of flights take place daily. In terms of traffic the largest number of passengers are destined towards Sydney and Melbourne. There are many international passengers as well. Apart from that he Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) all the time wings to Christchurch International Airport. The airport is connected by roadways, the Russley Road which is also State Highway 1. The multilevel car park facilitates the system further. The purple line also leads to the airport which the business class travellers may be using anytime they wish to for a fast transit.

The annual passenger handling of the 6.57 million passengersalong with the overall growth in the airlines seat by 7% needs adequate planning for passenger handling(, 2018). The client satisfaction of the different types is one of the prime concerns for the unimpeded travel experience for the travellers. The travelling experience of the travellers can be subdivided into sectors that include client satisfaction transport policies and the issues in the management and handling of the crowd in the Airport. The commute of the airport in the city is one of the most important aspects in the management of the population and the traffic in and around the Airport. The internal crowd management in the Airport is one of the most important aspects in the consumer satisfactions in the airport. The management of the crowd is done by managing the different transport systems in the organization over the different terminal and the travellers from the terminals to the flights is one of the important modes of transport in the airport(Brownlee et al., 2018).

The different transport options are available connecting the travellers to the airport connecting the city to the airport helping in the proper commute to and from the airport. One of the important modes of transport are the three bus lines that connect the airport to the city. The transport section in the airport is the most regulated which includes a loop to aid the people in reaching the airport and the people in picking up their acquaintances. The commute is also aided by the different parking options that are available in the nearby places in the city. The transport system includes the different plans according to the needs of the various commuters and their needs. The parking and the road traffic plan near and around the airport is one of the mods outstanding features of the Christchurch airport. The management of the airport has to ensure the maximum security as it plans to extend the amount of the passengers that use the airport for the different commute. The parkins systems vary from various time durations and the amount that is to be paid for the parking in the city. The loop is located ideally to manage the parking of the airport commuters without any hassles. The inter-terminal commute facilities focus on the usage of the electric cars for the improvement of the transport in the airport (, 2018). The factors affecting the overall transport from the different parts of the city aiding in the help of the different patients in the society.

Passenger handling at Christchurch International Airport

The transport has tried to keep the environment clean in the different parts of the airport helping in the overall development of the environment and aiding its sustainability. The Christchurch airport has also made an important impact in the global sustainability of the environment by winning the coveted Efficiency Champion in the category of Sustainable
Business Network Awards(, 2018). One of the important aspects in this context are the ones which aid the overall development o0f the society and the environment. The Christchurch airport with the different facilities it provides to the different people in the society helps in the achieving of the better positions in the international standings against the different airports globally.

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The Changi airport is cited to be the best in the terms of passenger management aesthetics and the management of the different facilities that are given to the commuters. The Changi airport takes into their hand to remove the idea of boredom of travel form the mind of the people making the commute a complete experience for the people according to the facilities it provides to the different commuters. The overall facilities management and the overall crowd management with the apt and adequately connected transport system makes the overall experience of travelers worthwhile (Ison& Budd, 2018). The different facilities that is seen in the Changi airport consist of a wide variety of transport services within and outside the airport which helps in making the airport one of the best in the world. The sky trains connecting the different terminals along with the shuttle busses connecting the different terminals helps in the commute of large number of passengers in one go. The intercity commute is also very well managed as the city is very properly connected to the airport through a number of transport forms consisting of train shuttles busses taxis and a self-parking kiosk for the people who commute using private vehicles ( 2018).

The transport handling in the case of Changi which the Christchurch airport can take into consideration is the fact that the airport focusses on the self-parking and proper commute connected by the taxis and shuttle. The maintenance of traffic outside the airport can be properly managed by the Christchurch airport in taking into account the various ideas implied by the Changi like the self-parking kiosks which will help in the proper management of the traffic and workload in the society.

The sky train is another good way of the passenger commute within the airport but it will be needed after the airport expands and in the current conditions the present services available in the Christchurch airport is good enough to handle its passenger traffic.

Management of crowd in Christchurch International Airport

The external transport from the airport tto the city vary along with the city infrastructure and the populations as it is seen that the populations and the travelling pattern is more and wider than Christchurch.

The Christchurch airport on the other hand is not the largest airport of the country and is not planned to handle the large amount of traffic as the Changi airport. Considering the amount of traffic that the airport handles the sky trains and such measures because the venture will not be cost effective considering the low amount of passengers that use the Changi airport. One of the important facts in this context is that annually Changi handles around 62.2 million passengers compared to the annual limit of Christchurch airport capping at 6.57 million (, 2018;, 2018). The different facilities that the Christchurch airport can learn from Changi are the ways in which they can make the flying experience more beautiful for the commuters in the Christchurch airport and acquire a greener perspectives to enrich the experience of the different travelers.

Therefore, it can be seen that the two airports are of two different proficiencies handling the different amounts of traffic and their infrastructure is planned to handle the experience similarly. The Changi is the best in the world but Christchurch too is taking up initiatives for improving the facilities and experience of its commuters (Ison& Budd, 2018).

  • The Changi Airport Skytrain is one of the major strengths of the landside transportation of the Airport.
  • The Skytrain is a fully automated people mover.
  • The Skytrain connects Terminals 1,2 and 3  (Halpern, 2018)
  • The Skytrain is a free transport system that helps people to move between the terminals.
  • The Skytrain helps in the movement of a large number of commuters in less than four minutes between terminals (Ison& Budd, 2018).
  • The Shuttlebus service is another mode of landside transport that operates between Terminals 4 and 5 (González-Ruiz, Duque &Restrepo, 2018).
  • The frequent number of shuttlebusesmakes it easier for the large number of commuters to easily travel between the terminals.
  • The frequent train service from the airport provides easy access to the commuters to go the city from Changi Airport.
  • Public buses from the bus bays of Terminal 1, 2 and 3 provides an easy travel for the commuters to go to the city (González-Ruiz, Duque &Restrepo, 2018).
  • The crowd is too much for the transport to carry.
  • New constructions alongside the transport facilities pose difficulties for the commuters.
  • The interconnecting system is complex and it acts as difficulty for newly arrived commuters (Halpern, 2018).

Changi Airport is considered to be the best airport in the world in terms of commuter handling and amenities. However, there are always provisions for change and improvement which can develop the landside transport infrastructure for better services.

Firstly, the Changi Airport landside transport system should develop ways to handle the increasing number of commuters daily. It has a huge number of services such as Skytrain, Shuttle Bus for inter-terminal movement and trains and buses as public transport to the city. However, the increasing number of commuter everyday makes it difficult for the transport systems to provide services adequately for everyone. There should an increase in the number of public transport vehicles which can be adequate for the comfortable journey of the commuters.

Secondly, the Changi Airport should develop a more user friendly transport system. The huge number of transport systems and the different rules and regulations for availing them sometimes makes it confusing for the new commuter who have arrived to the airport for the understanding. Lack of understanding can create chaos and result in the waste of time for the commuter. Developing a user friendly system can solve this problem. A proper guide of the transport system should be available to every commuter who can easily understand the system by studying it. Proper knowledge of the availability of the transport systems can save time and reduce chaos among the commuter.

Landside transport options at Christchurch International Airport

Thirdly, the Changi Airport should develop the technology that it uses to manage the landside transportation system. The advanced technologies and highly developed systems helps in better management of the huge system. Changi Airport, being one of the busiest airport in the world requires a proper and less confusing management system. This type of advancement can be achieved by focusing and investing on the research and development process of the airport infrastructure. Advanced infrastructure can properly justify Changi’s definition of being the best airport in the world.


Changi Airport is one of the best airports in the world, with some best infrastructural developments and management process. It handles a large number of commuterevery day and this requires a highly developed landside transport system which can help the commuters with easy movement around the airport. However, every system has its strengths and flaws. The above discussion reflects that Changi boasts of an advanced Skytrain which helps in the easy movement of commuter between terminals and Shuttle Bus which is also used for similar purpose. The frequency and short time period of travel is one of its major strengths in commuter management. However, with the increasing number of commuters these advanced systems also face difficulties at time which requires an increase in the number of transport facilities. Secondly, the huge number of options and their regulations sometimes appear to be confusing to the commuters who are new to the airport. A development of an advanced and user friendly service can always be more helpful for the commuters. Hence, it can be concluded that with the increasing number of passengers and their increasing demands it is essential for the Changi Airport to invest and focus more the research and development of the landside transport facilities for the better service of the commuters.


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