Civic Participation Covid 19 Response Report


CIVIC ePARTICIPATION ASSIGNMENTOVERVIEW: One of the most effective manners that any citizen can engage any level of government is to participate in the process of government. Some forms of civic participation include:Attending and participating in government proceedings (meetings, hearings)Consistent votingRegistering others to voteVolunteering for candidates or political causesContacting elected and appointed government officialsContacting and sharing your political views with the mediaRunning for elected officeASSIGNMENT: The assignment for each student in the class is to complete the following:Watch any government meeting between 9/1/2021 and 11/30/2021. This can be done in-person or virtual (online). The government meeting must have occurred between these stated dates. Note that press conferences and other PR related events are not government meetings. A government meeting for the sake of this exercise is an official gathering of government authority to engage and decide on matters that affect the citizenry. Submit a one-to-two (1-2) page, 1.5 spaced written summary report on the government proceeding you attended/participated in that addresses (at minimum) the following:What was the nature of the meeting/proceeding (agenda, topic, purpose)?Who were the critical government participants (officials, witnesses, guest speakers)?Who from the community participated in the meeting/proceeding?What types of democracies were demonstrated at the meeting/proceeding you attended/participated?Based on the meeting/proceeding, why is government necessary/unnecessary?Explain how the meeting/proceeding you attended/witnessed/participated in demonstrated examples of one (1) of each of the following concepts:CONCEPT ONE: Majoritarianism, Elite Theory, and PluralismCONCEPT TWO: Liberty, Order, and EqualityCONCEPT THREE: Conservatism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, and SocialismHow does the nature of the meeting/proceeding affect an issue that is important to you?SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: The submission must adhere to the following:Typewritten, 1.5-spaced one to two (1-2) pages, 11-12 point font (Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, Calibri). No excessively huge fonts will be accepted.Sources:C-SPAN (features the US Senate and US House of Representatives): Legislature: of Atlanta: County, GA: County, GA: County, GA:

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