Client Focus In Therapy: Qualities And Actions Of Effective Therapists

The word client focus is the term where the service provider looks after the problem or address the problem of its client. The therapist should always keep the client in charge of the activities because the client can understand its own condition while they are in control of their own situation. While it comes to focusing on clients I can give 5 as a rating marks from the scale of 1-7.

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The two effective behavior that a therapist should have that I already possess are Verbal Fluency and Focus on other. The other two behaviors that has been mentioned by Wampold that are not possessed by me are Affective modulation and Warmth and acceptance (Wampold, Carlson, & Carlson, 2011).

  1. The two strengths of mine which helps me to develop solid relationships with other people are verbal fluency and empathy.
  2. The two key areas where i need to work to develop the interpersonal relationships are interpersonal perception and Affective expressiveness.
  3. To leverage the strength and weaknesses of mine I need to utilize my verbal fluency while it comes to communicating with people and try to understand their perception and make the communication more effective.
  1. As an interpersonal communicator I can give 6 to myself from the rating scale of 1-7.
  2. After the survey has been made on the basis of my communication skill the feedback that coincide with my own feedback is mutual influencing. When it comes to communication I act as a mutual influencer.
  3. When it comes to communication skills i can say that I can have effective communication with people around me since I have strong verbal fluency. Though I have strong verbal fluency but I lack the quality of interpersonal perception which is my weakness.
  1. When it comes to follow the feedback of others I can give 5 as a rating to myself from the scale of 1-7.  
  2. As a feedback giver I can give 4 rating to myself.
  3. There was inter community competition where we were asked to formulate a business plan. The business proposal which I made was e-medicine services to customers. Everyone in the community gave a feedback highlighting the positive and negative aspects of the business. From that feedback I was being benefitted.
  4. a. Feedback from others help me to understand my weakness and loopholes. It helps me to work on it.
  5. b. Increasing feedback can help me to identify the correct responses and the wrong responses that others are giving and thus it can help me to balance the criticism and appraisal.
  6. c. Asking for feedback plays a very crucial role in my life because it will help me to understand all the positive and negative aspects of the work I am doing and thus will help me to improve my work more efficiently.
  7. d. Increasing requests for feedback can help to identify the common feedbacks on my weaknesses and can help me to work on it more efficiently (Gerard, Owen, & Reese, 2014).
  8. As a client the therapist should be rated on the how it effectively communicates with the client. As a client it is very important to communicate with the therapist then only the problem can be solved more clearly.
  1. When a psychiatrist goes on a research to find out various types of therapy my respond will be positive because a professional psychiatrist can only be able to do the research properly.
  2. In all types of therapy, the common role of the therapists should be good listening skills. The therapists should listen to the problem of the client very seriously.
  1. I can give a 4 rating to myself when it comes to problem management.
  2. To manage problems, I must not panic when the problem arrives and aim to solve it in ease.
  3. When such situation arise I might be very disappointed but I should immediately switch off the conversation with that person.
  1. I can give 4 rating to myself in a scale 1-7 as a decision maker.
  2. Proper therapy can help to calm a person and help him/her to be sorted. Thus, can help the person to make decisions.
  3. Choosing science in class 11 was a lousy decision that I have made. The decision was lousy because the subjects was of no interest to me and it was tough for me to pass the exams.
  4. When I was in high school I gained a few kilos and thus started dieting to reduce that but dieting made me depressed and I was suffering from mental illness. Thus, at last I decided to stop hating myself and started loving who I am and this decision of mine was very good.
  5. I have a directive decision making style. Most of my decisions are stable in nature. I need to be more sorted in my life to improve my decision making style.
  1. I will give a negative response, because science is involved in all the factors that has been mentioned.
  2. When I meet someone whose values are very different from mine I try to communicate with that person and try to understand their values which makes them look at the world very differently.
  3. One can only make a proper decision when he/she has proper set of inbuilt values within himself/herself. Decision can only be made when the client has a proper belief on the matter.
  1. The best relationship I have is with my mother who actually helped me to look at the world very differently. The worst relationship I had in past was with one of my friend who utilized me for meeting his own purposes.
  2. I take the initiative to convince the other person when anything wrong happens to maintain the relationship.
  3. Misinterpreting the other person is the common mistake that I have done in a relationship.
  4. I have tried to understand the point of view before reacting.
  5. Effective communication skill should be developed in order to maintain a good relationship.
  1. I can give a 4 rating to myself on a scale of 1-7 when it comes to physical and psychological presence in everyday conversation.
  2. Depending upon the scenario, the observations can be stated in the answers below.
  3. When it comes to handling serious situations I try to convince the person to stay calm. On the other hand, I fail to control the person if he/she completely breaks down.
  4. After the week has passed I can say that I can give 5 rating to myself.
  5. Through this exercise I have learned to patiently listen to the other person’s problem.
  6. I try to give more advice when I interact with other people.
  7. Improving the listening skills and creating perception are the two things I can improve.
  1. Emotion has a very important role in my life. My professional and personal life is highly depended on my emotional condition.

 I try to stop over reacting when it comes to controlling negative emotions.

 Being hurt is the most difficult emotional condition for me to manage.

 Positive emotion like joy helps me to manage both my professional and personal life very efficiently.

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 Perfect emotional style does not exist because the emotional condition depends on person to person. Emotional condition of a person changes on time to time basis.

  1. When I feel accepted I feel free to be myself. When I am scared I try to talk to someone.
  2. Anxious, Confused and hurt are the three negative emotional state that I often go through.
  3. I was hurt when I got cheated in one of my past relationships. I get anxious during the exam time because of too much of pressure. Sometimes taking the right decisions makes me confused.
  4. My past love relationship was very exhausting and I was perennially hurt because of the person’s behavior.
  5. Being frustrated is the most negative feeling I like to avoid.
  1. As an active listener I ask lots of questions to clarify my thoughts.
  2. While listening I must not interpret the person more frequently to clarify my thoughts because it may distract the speaker and can put him/her in to off track.
  3. I need to jot down all my questions in a paper while and clarify all my thoughts after the speaker finishes his/her speech. Jotting the down my thoughts will also help me to solve the problem more efficiently.

1.A Problem which can arise is absence of proper points in written in the examination paper by me which led to reduction in marks is the problem statement.

  1. The unused opportunity which has raised this problem is not attending the lectures of the professor regularly.
  2. The key experience due to this problem is low marks in the examination and also poor performance in class. A decision of attending classes regularly has to be made. Low marks in the examination brings a negative feeling of being guilty. There also exists a change in the behavior because of this problem.
  3. Each and every individual has to focus on issues that is creating a disruption in their daily activities and they should focus on that and make proper decisions to change it. 


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