COM 206 Oakton Community College Module 3 Hike in Property Taxes Email Discussion


Module 3: Mastering Emails
In this activity, you will be composing emails to practice writing brief, professional correspondence as if you are a communication manager writing to the small town’s residents After you post your email, your classmates will respond as if they are recipients. (In other words, they are playing the part of a small-town resident.) As part of your grade, you are required to respond to at least one of your classmates’ replies, again, pretending you are the communication manager. (Note: This discussion board is different from the discussion boards that you are used to in other classes. In your replies, you do NOT post generic feedback about your classmate’s initial post. You respond AS IF you are the recipient of that email.)
For example:
Student 1 posts initial email post, playing the role of communication manager.

Action Item 1/3: Initial Post
Scenario: You are a communications manager for a small town’s local government. You must write an email to all residents to inform them that their property taxes will be increased by 5%, which will go toward town infrastructure projects. You must emphasize the benefits of this increase while acknowledging it might be upsetting to some property owners. It is your responsibility to relay this information to them in a professional, concise, and well-worded email. Note: You will need to use your imagination to craft this email.

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