Compassion and God’s Self-Revelation

Compassion is a compound word, formed by putting up the words “co” and “passion” together, which literally means “together” and “strong feeling,” respectively. As such, the word “compassion” literally mans having a strong feeling about the other. It may be considered feeling a strong emotion over the predicaments of others, feeling for their pain, or their loss. It may also call for works that may eliminate or at least decrease the pain.
Compassion is mostly manifested by acts of kindness like sharing, giving comfort or consolation, and extending sympathy and genuine concern (Dhammika). Compassion may be considered as the best thing one can extend to another person as all its manifestations are the best in human beings. It leads to the presentation of aspects of man that may be considered as God’s likeness. As such, it may be considered as a way for God’s self-revelation to his people (Dhammika).
Different to God’s self revelation to Moses during the olden days, where the Israelites were committing idolatry while Moses was talking to God at Mt. Sinai, God’s modern day self revelation may not happen on the spiritual low points in mankind’s history. It may actually happen when man’s spirituality is at its all-time high (Laney 37). As compassion leads to actions that are based on the teachings of Jesus and other prophets of Gods, it may then be considered as the manifestations of the existence of God.

An existence that is although different from the great burning bush in the time of Moses, still brings warmth to the hearts of his people especially to those who badly needs them (Laney 37). In addition, since compassion brings all the kindness of humanity and as man is told to be created from God’s likeness, then it may prove that through compassion extended by an individual to another man shows, ultimately, he may be showing that facet of humanity that is that of God’s as well.
This may be God’s self-revelation through his own people towards some of his people who may not yet be believers of his existence. Therefore, it may be concluded that compassion or that strong feeling towards another’s suffering leads to acts that are considered righteous even by other religions. It may show man’s true nature. As he was created from God’s likeness and God is considered to be the kindest God, then man must show God’s existence through his kind acts. As such, God uses his people’s compassion as a key to his self-revelation.

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