Concise Due Diligence Report For AIPM National Conference Organization Project

Project Background

The current project is all about organizing an event of the National conference by the world recognized body renowned as AIPM that stands for Australian Institute of Project management. This institute comes into operation in the year 1976 to organize a project by using common principles of the project management to accomplish all the desired set of goals and the targets. This committee or an association have 20000 members to accomplish the goals and the objective develops by a project manager.

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  • To gather knowledge from Scientists and IT Professionals
  • To spread advance and latest’s technology among its participants
  • To strengthen the knowledge base of the participants in the project management system field

Project Success Criteria

Measurement of Success Criteria

Success of an event

Full Sale of Event tickets

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Meets Budget

Project cost scheduling and plan

Satisfied participants

Client’s feedback

Goals Accomplishment

Employee’s actions

Quality of Event

Project Monitoring

Timely completion of Event activities

Task allocation

Team goals

Communication management

The National Conference arranged by Australian Institute of Project management held on 11th to 13th October 2018 at Mantra Lorne in Melbourne Australia. Gala Dinner is held on 12th October for all the participants, experts, technicians, judge panels, hosts, anchors to complete the event’s activities within a stipulated deadline. Estimated number of guests in this event is expected as 900-1200 guests to visits this event. For every project or an event, the fund is required to arrange an event as the estimated budget for this project is 550,000 AUD. Financial resources are identified by a project manager to arrange an event by raising funds from the entire private as well as the public users.

A project manager develops key goals for all its projects so as for this particular project that helps in accomplishing all the goals and the objectives within a given span of time. Various key goals prepared by a project manager for this conference are the following:

  • To set Event agenda
  • To prepare lists of guests
  • To determine financial resources required to fulfil this project
  • To identify and present latest technological advancements
  • To arrange the event arrangements such as catering, lighting and sound, seating arrangements, accommodation, tickets managements and so on.

Aim of the project manager is to govern the project activities by developing all the aims and the objectives as according to the existing nature of the project. Arranging National Conference on October 2018 is governed by setting project Limitations and the restrictions to ensure the higher quality of the overall project. Wrong information displayed in the form of an event can misguide all the participants whoever attends this event can spoil the image of the globally recognized institute (JOSEPH. PHILLIPS, CBAP and PMP, 2018). Wring displaying of the information is one of the limitations of this project which needs to be managed in order to stay connected with its audiences and able to secure the entire image of the institute. All the limitations of the project are visible to its audiences to attend the event before cross-questioning the image of the institute and the entire reliability of the event.

Resources play an integral role in a project to get it completed without this the completion of the project is not imagined. The resources used internally in the organization to arrange all the activities of a particular project (Kerzner, 2018). Internal resources used in accomplishing the project aims and the objectives include employees, project manager, Informational Technology resources, Financial resources used in an entity such as equity capital, cash balances which are utilized in accomplishing all the desired goals and the objectives within a given span of time. Employees of a project management firm are considered as an asset rather than taking the costs to the company.

External resources used in arranging the National Conference in the year 2018 in Melbourne Australia to spread the latest and the technological advancements to the notice of all the participants in Australia with the support of the Project management institute. This association supports the project manager in systematically completing all its project activities. External resources used in this event include Project Volunteers, Event organizers, Ticket management system, Lights and sound manager, anchor and hosts of the event.

A stakeholder plays a significant role in arranging an event which helps in achieving all the aims and the objectives in a short span of time. The motive of a project manager is to accomplish the desired goals and the aims by meeting all the project activities by delegating all the tasks and the responsibilities to all the project participants. Satisfaction of a stakeholder is essential for the completion of a project as this action can influence the overall project whether positively or negatively as its action needs to be monitored that can lead to success or entire failure of the project. Internal Stakeholders of the given project are mention as below:

  • Project Managers
  • Employees
  • Owner of AIPM
  • AIPM members

A project manager heads the overall team of a project as they remain in a topmost position to positively influence its subordinates as it acts a motivator for all its employees working under their guidance. Communication play a key role in a project in accomplishing all the project goals in a stipulated deadline given by all the users existing in the external environment. A project manager delegates its responsibilities among all the project handlers by creating a team along with a team leader to handle different sectors of a project. For the given project, different segmentation is done by a project manager such as financial segment, data identification segment, Market survey, Initiation and planning, Implementation, Pilot testing, Feedback from the clients. All these project segments are essential to complete a project. Communication in this project is done through Email as a project manager circulates Email to all the project segment heads and the singular project segments heads will communicate with its team members through face to face communications.

  • Step 1- Project Identification that is the arrangement of a national Conference
  • Step2- Desired Outcome in the form of satisfied users after attending the event
  • Step3- Project tasks consist of Hiring project volunteers, Event organisers, Training to employees.
  • Step4- Identify guests- Speakers and presenters, students, research analysts, Experts
  • Step5- Timeline in the form of scheduling of the project activities to know the timely completion of the entire project.
  • Step6- Tracking of Project with the help of Gantt chart

This event includes both the internal as well as the external risks which need to be controlled to ensure the success of a project.

  • An internal risk of this project includes Image risks of AIPM, Future visibility, over the budget of the event, safety issues in the event, Power Production, Lighting and sound issues, staging, venue management, lack resources and rude behaviour of all the volunteers at the event.
  • An external risk includes Crowd of people, mistakes of the third parties, transportation issues, weather impact, emergency or injury to the participants at the event location.
  • CCTV surveillance is used to keep track of the entire project and its activities to ensure the success of a project, with the help of this approach, the action of all the volunteers and the participants can be tracked to avoid the future complexities due to the ill behaviour of all the volunteers.
  • Security management system is used at the event location to avoid all the extruders to enter in the event whose intention is to disturb the peace of the event and affect the overall confidentiality of the information held by the users.
  • Initiation and Planning
  • Market Survey
  • Data Collection
  • Guest lists preparation
  • Inviting of Experts and Speakers
  • Finalising event organisers
  • Catering
  • Lighting and sound
  • Project implementation
  • Client’s feedback

This project is executed by arranging the event whose success is determined in the positive or negative reaction after attending the event. During 11th till 13th October the event will get continue whose results are determined on the next day in the feedback from all the attendees.



Date (2018)

Project Scope

Study of overall project areas



Undertaking the project



Design the framework



Developing project plan

July- August

Marketing and invitations

Marketing strategy and invitation



Confirmed Member registration

August- September

Venue selection and accommodation

Select the best venue



Execution days

11-13 October


Closing project and evaluation overall success


  • Gala Dinner held on 12thOctober 2018
  • Event inauguration on 11thOctober 2018
  • Execution of project- 13thOctober 2018
  • Project Initiates starts in the July
  • Designing of the framework starts in July
  • Marketing activities in August
  • Registration of the event during August to September


Amount (In AUD)


Sale of Tickets




Advertisements revenue


Total Revenue



Venue Fees


Marketing costs


Accommodation charges


Catering fee


Experts fees


Administration charges


Speakers and presenter’s fees


Total costs






Kerzner, H., 2018. Project management best practices: Achieving global excellence. John Wiley & Sons.