Covid 19 Pandemic Analysis


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on many aspects of everyday life around the world. In this context, several aspects have undergone drastic changes: the social roles played and their overlap, primary and secondary socialization experiences, mental health issues (fear of contagion, fear of death, fear of causing the death of loved ones), digital exclusion, precariousness of workers who depend on mobility, context of questioning reality by society that is in denial (denialism, anti-vaccination), among others.
From these examples of social problems, elaborate a specific social context (community or part of society) and answer the following questions:

1- Émile Durkheim and Max Weber establish two fundamental theoretical strands for sociological study, an interpretive line and a comprehensive line. Explain each of these lines, presenting examples of your ways of analyzing the social context you tought about.
2- Build a sociological problem from the social problem you identified, presenting a possible epistemological obstacle, its characteristics and implications for the constitution of the problem.
3- Considering the various social sciences studied and choosing one, indicate in what way that social science can contribute to the study of the problem under analysis.

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