CSU Northridge Three Reasons Why Electoral College Should Be Abolished Paper


Choose one of the topics below and write 4-6 page paper about it. Must cite sources.
Term Paper Topics
0. Legacy
Please write a persuasive essay which identifies the three main reasons why a certain president
may be the best and/or worst US president
1. Rulemaking
Please identify a proposed rule or final rule and describe three reasons to support it and/or
oppose it
2. Scandal  
Please identify the biggest US political scandal based on three specific reasons and/or a
comparison to other notable political scandals  
3. Electoral College
Please provide three reasons why the Electoral College should and/or should not be abolished  
4. International Security
As a formal military advisor to the President of the United States, please present the advantages
and disadvantages of the following three options for an International Security policy
A. Unilateral Aggression
B. Multilateral Cooperation (Allied support – United Nations)
C. Diplomacy and Humanitarian Aid

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