CSU Unit 5 Diabetes Patient Portal Advisory Group Response


Reply 1
Caitlin Ebervein
DQ 1 200-250 words, with citations and references
Good Morning, Diabetes Patient Portal Advisory Group!
My name is Caitlin Ebervein and I work in the HIM department as a health
informatician here at the University of Illinois Health System, leading this wonderful
advisory group. I am so glad to have each and every one of you a part of this great
working group!
For those of you that are new here, the Diabetes Patient Portal Advisory Group is
a team of key University of Illinois Health System clinical professionals. Each
professional with a different diverse background in the department, time in the field, or
face-to-face patient interaction. I hope we are all able to make it to the first meeting in
person being we are all here with the same goal in mind, the implementation of a new
patient education portal for diabetic patients.
The idea of the patient portal exclusively for diabetes patients came about as the
electronic health record (EHR) has been rapidly growing to make healthcare systems
more efficient while improving patient outcomes (Lyles, 2013). With Federal incentives
for “meaningful use” also driving profits for provider-patient messaging, the EHR system
seemed like the route for communication.
Studies related directly to patients with known diabetes have also proven that
direct patient engagement through secure messaging (SM) and other portals such as an
EHR is associated with improvement in health outcomes, including glycemic control
(Lyles, 2013). When looking at the data from these studies, it is shown that older,
racial/ethnic minority patients, and lower socioeconomic status patients have been less
likely to use portals.
To discuss the implementation of our very own portal we will be meeting in
person on Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 at 6:00 pm in the staff lounge.
Each meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm in
the staff lounge for about 6 months. The meeting agenda will be sent out the week prior
so each member knows what to expect. Please shoot me an email at least five days
prior to each meeting if you know you cannot attend.
Attached is the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting. I am looking forward to
meeting you all in person and working together to implement this portal!
Please reach out if you have any questions.
Caitlin Ebervein
UI Health System
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Advisory Team
600 W Chicago Ave, Ste 510
Chicago, Illinois 60654
P: (773) 555-9000
F: (773) 555-1234
05/04/2022 Agenda
Diabetes Patient Portal Advisory Group
Staff Meeting
May 4, 2022
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Staff Lounge
Attendance Taken
Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes from the previous meeting
Introduction to patient portals
Person: Kyle
Proposed Time: 30min
The research behind Diabetes and provider communication
Person: Sara, Molly
Proposed Time: 10min, 10min
Portal Implementation Timeline
Person: Caitlin, Joe
Proposed Time: 30min, 20min
Lyles, C., Sarkar, U., Ralston, J., Adler, N., Schillinger, D., Moffer, H., Huang, E.,
Karter, A.
(2013). Patient-provider communication and trust in relation to use of an online
portal among diabetes patients: The diabetes and aging study. Journal of the
Medical Informatics Association, 20(6), 1128-1131.
Reply 2
Mahima Narayanan DQ 2
200-250 words, with citations and references
Date: 4/15/2022
To: UI Medical Center Patient Advisory Group
From: Mahima Narayanan
Subject: Introducing the BeatDiabetes Patient Portal- View, Explore & Review!
Dear Participant,
Thank you for signing up to be part of the UI Health Diabetic Patient Advisory Group. The User
Questionnaire you completed at your most recent clinic visit told us a few things about you. You want to
take charge of your own health, simplify the process of getting care, and have reliable health
information at your fingertips.
You are in luck! Our new web-based patient portal BeatDiabetes is going live for betatesting, and YOU are the perfect candidate to explore and review it! As a future user of the
portal, your feedback is vital to us.
We are excited to introduce to you the BeatDiabetes Patient Portal, which highlights tools that are:

Interactive (virtual meetings, patient chat forums, online CompleteFoods™ grocery
shopping, games!)

Educational (real-time diabetes counseling, symptom-management classes, diabetes
prevention classes, exercise sessions)

Easy-to-use (online or mobile app access, direct chat with doctor/counselor, easy

Administrative (remote monitoring/upload of glucose readings, appointment scheduler,
past visit records, reminders)
Regular use of the portal cuts out the travel and the middleman and allows you to manage your health
from the comfort of your home. Join us in a virtual meeting to learn more about BeatDiabetes, tell
us what you think, and help us fine-tune the product so you can enjoy the best final version! Meeting
details and agenda below.
Explore BeatDiabetes online patient portal.
Fill out user survey.
Presenter: Mahima Narayanan, Health Informaticist (UI Health System)
Co-presenter: Tony Stark, Head of UX/UI (HealthNOW Web Design)
10AM – 11AM
4/22/22 (OR)
Introduction to BeatDiabetes
Participant navigation of BeatDiabetes
10 min
20 min
Q & A, Troubleshooting
Fill out 10-minute survey (multiple-choice)
15 min
10 min
Open Discussion
5 min
How do I prepare?
Ensure computer access & strong Wi-Fi.
Bring notepad, pen (optional).
How do I join?
Click here to enter meeting.
Passcode: Your UI Health System Patient ID number.
Audio participation required. Video participation encouraged.
Meeting Rules
Arrive 5 minutes early to set up and check network/audio/video.
Use ‘raise your hand’ feature if you are not sure what to do next.
Save questions for Q & A session.
I would be happy to answer any meeting-related questions at mnaray6@uic.edu. Thank you for
your participation in this exciting new endeavor. We look forward to collaborating with you and
Beating Diabetes together!
Mahima Narayanan, MSHI
Health Informaticist, UI Health System
Ste. 123, Bldg. 456
University of Illinois Medical Center
Chicago, IL 60131
Office: 789-123-456
Guffey, M. E., & Loewy, D. (2018). Professionalism: Team, meeting, listening, non-verbal and
skills. Business communication: Process & product (pp. 54-59). Cengage
Sun, R., Korytkowski, M. T., Sereika, S. M., Saul, M. I., Li, D., & Burke, L. E. (2018). Patient
portal use in diabetes management: Literature review. JMIR Diabetes, 3(4),
e11199. https://doi.org/10.2196/11199

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