CSUGC Marketing An Australian Manager in an American Company Case Study


Read the case study: An Australian Manager in an American Company at the end of Chapter 3 of your text. 
Answer four of the following questions, be sure to number your responses so your professor knows which question you are answering:

Using Geert Hofstede’s cultural characteristics, compare Australia and the United States on at least three cultural dimension measures. As you’ll see, the two countries are relatively similar, but some differences may help explain Les Collins’s apparent lack of success in the U.S. setting. Which of these cultural dimensions do you think is the most significant and why? Explain in detail.
What could GOC have done to prepare Collins for his assignment in the United States?
Outline an action plan for companies to use in preparing executives and their families for international assignments. Be detailed and specific in your action plan.
Articulate and evaluate your own opinion about the degree of distance prevalent in U.S. companies between managers and their direct reports.
Who is protected by this management style? Why do you think this?
What adverse organizational impacts might result from this style? Be specific in your answer.

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