CSULA Lipschitz Constant Calculus Questions


I don’t know how to solve this homework problem. We didn’t go over Lipschitz constant and this type of function before. Please help!

2. (16 pts) Let f(x) = 3 || Ax – b||+ 3 || 2 ||where A € R10x5, x € R5 and be R10.
(a) Prove Vf(x) is Lipschitz continuous with Lipschitz constant L = ||AT A|| +1.
(b) Write down the kth iteration of the gradient descent method with stepsize being
(c) Write down the kth iteration of Newton’s method.
14: Gradient descent method:
min f(x)
Xkt = * = dk Dfcak),
* If fix) has Lipschita gradiout with Lipschits constant L, then we can choose
the stopsire dx = t.
* Convergence rate
rate & complessity ( Review the HW questions)
25: Newton Method. .
Xkti = Ak – Dok) – If (XE)

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