CSUSM Legal and Ethical Issues Surrounding Anonymous Hacking Group Paper


Each Paper should state the legal issues involved, including summarizing the major cases, statutes and articles impacting these legal issues, and then should apply the cases, statutesand articles to reach a legal conclusion on the issue. Itfurther should, if applicable, include a discussion from a Business Ethics point of view. For example, if you choose to write your Paper on class actions, you should state the necessary elements to bring a class action, citing applicable law and articles on these elements. You should further discuss a current or past class action including an ethics discussion on whether class actions benefit society or if only the lawyers are benefited from the lawsuit. Paper Subjects:• Unilateral Pricing Policies. Have you ever wondered why the price of that iPhone you want is the same at all retailers and etailers? This policy, which dates back to the Supreme Court Colgate decision (1919) allows manufacturers to ensure that its retailer/etailersearn sufficient profit to want to they carry their products. Describe this law, industries that utilize it and if it makes good business sense and is ethical. • Advertising Substantiation. Summarize the Federal Trade Commission and corresponding State laws on advertising. Subject is broad so you may want to consider comparative advertising (like that engaged in by beer manufacturers, Coke and Pepsi or the various fast food pizza chains). Include an ethical discussion on whether comparative advertising should be permitted or prohibited like it is in some European countries. • Amazon/Google/Facebook Antitrust Investigation. Summarize the investigations on these entities and whether breaking them apart would be beneficial to society. • Class Action Lawsuits. Describe the elements necessary for a federal class action lawsuit and pursuant to California 14200. Describe some current or past class actions. Include an analysis of if the protected class benefited from the class action settlement or if the only party that really benefited were the lawyers. Include a ethics discussion on whether class action lawsuits benefit society. • Select a current issue related to Privacy. For example, your paper could address a recent or past computer attack like ones by Anonymous, discussing the legal and ethical issues. Or it could address privacy issues related to the use of products like Amazon Echo and TVs that listen at all times in order to properly operate. Or it could address whether businesses should be able to use your personal data in order to engage in target marketing.

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