CTUO Biology Pedigree Growing up As a Person with Albinism Case


Ana’s Story: In Black and White
Part 1 – Read this por on of “Ana’s Story” and map out a par al pedigree of all named individuals in the box below, shading in
only those affected by albinism. Highlight all names in the reading that are in the pedigree. Label all individuals with their name
under their symbol. You will be adding each part of the pedigree together to build out the en re family history. Your evidence
should include each individual’s symbol and their name below each symbol.
Part 1: Ana was always different. Growing up as a person with albinism, the lack of pigment in her skin, eyes and hair made her
stand out among her non-albino peers. She grew up among family and friends where she felt rela vely safe, but her mother was
always very cau ous about her being out in the sun. She had developed a spot on her scalp that her mother no ced one day while
brushing her hair so they went to the doctor to have it examined. The doctor asked about family history and, since Ana’s mother
Harriet had been researching their family history for some me, they began to create a more complete picture of the genera ons
that came before.
Ana spent much me with her mother and cousins growing up and, as she grew older, she longed to learn more about her heritage.
When she got to high school, she asked her mother to tell her what she knew about their ancestors as her father had passed away a
few years earlier and she could not remember any of his family members since they lived in another country. Her mother, Harriet,
decided it was me to tell her about her family that came before them based on the research she did on their ancestry.
Harriet shared what she had discovered about their family history with the help of Ana’s grandmother Henrie a and grandfather Joe.
All of whom were dark skinned. Harriet also had 2 sisters, an older sister named Kiara and a younger sister named Faith, neither of
whom were albino, who also were interested in learning more about their family.
Part 1 Pedigree:
Part 2: Henrie a said neither her own mother Irene or father Mar n were albino, but that she had a grandmother named Roberta,
Irene’s mother, who was albino. Henrie a loved to tell the story of her grandfather Silas and how he fell in love with Roberta when
they were both teenagers. Roberta was the only person in her family who showed this trait. Joe explained that he had not known
anyone in his family that was albino. Harriet knew this to be true as she had never met anyone in his family that had this
characteris c.
Part 2 Pedigree:
Part 3: A er hearing Harriet’s story of her family, Ana asked about her own father, Harry, and his parents. Harriet had only met
Harry’s parents a few mes as they had lived so far away, but she knew they were not albino. She also knew nothing about any of his
other family members since he was an only child and did not have any cousins or extended family of which she was aware.
Part 3 pedigree:
Part 4: Ana came to build strong rela onships with her doctors who offered advice and helped her with her condi on, even though
following advice like staying out of the sun and always carrying sunscreen lo on was annoying at mes. Like many people with
albinism, she developed issues with her vision and her skin was extremely sensi ve to the sun. Years later, Ana decided that she
wanted to go to the local university to study medicine where she could become a dermatologist and help others. While there, she
met Samuel. Samuel reminded Ana of her grandfather with his dark eyes and tall stature. Over the next few years at the university,
they fell in love and planned to get married a er gradua on.
Ana had asked Samuel about his family and whether any of its members had been born with albinism. He had lived with 4
genera ons of his family and none had ever shown this trait. They graduated, married soon a er, and had their first child, a son
named Stone, who was born with the same dark skin tone as his father. Ana opened a medical prac ce that specialized in melanoma
diagnosis and treatment and Samuel joined this prac ce soon a er its opening. Ana felt lucky to have had this opportunity where
she could help others who shared her own health concerns. They went on to have two more children as well: Baila, a daughter, and
the youngest Braxton, a son. None of their children were albino though Ana suspected the gene could show up in genera ons to
come as it did with her.
Part 4 Pedigree:
Part 5 – Combine parts 1-4 below to make one big pedigree (including all individual names). Add roman numerals to represent the
genera ons. Make the pedigree large and the names large to read easily.
En re Pedigree

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