Cultural And Performance Results Management: A Case Study Of Meat Pack

Leadership Styles and Organizational Changes

Cultural and performance results are managed by basic leadership in authority task. It further explains the kind of initiative required to be taken after considering the end goal and their fulfillment. Furthermore, the qualities required for the purpose of making progress in any association are also managed by basic leadership. The needs should be set in accordance with time and should be matched against the standards in order to recognize whether the targets have been met or not.

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The connection of the workers with the association is improved when basic leadership procedure engages them with the organization. The diverse administration styles have been identified in this case in detail which are social, embraced and execution parts of any association.

The basic objective of the organization is to convert itself into a multimillion firm by the year 2020. This objective necessitates the founders of the organization to have a proper understanding of its vision. The CEO of the company, Bison, has gathered the understanding of the fact that the hierarchical conduct of their organization was guarded and forceful. Such conduct was required to be changed for the purpose of acknowledging the improvement objectives and reaching the billion dollar level by the end of the year 2020. The main focus of Meat Pack is on the senior administration changes. The structure of the organization is required to be changed from having multiple levels to more flat where greater number of positions and obligation of authority is provided to the junior representatives.

The business of Meat Pack is running from the past 27 years and is often considered to be an expansive organization. There are two plants of the organization which are under preparation and therefore some difficulties have been calculated as below. 

1. Meat Pack is a business which is run in Sydney Australia and is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Derek Bison. It is the efforts of Bison as a result of which the organization have been able to accomplish the advantage of gathering deals amounting to AUD $ 300 million. Two noteworthy changes were being managed by the organization namely social and execution changes and authority changes. Both constructive and antagonistic qualities are possessed by Bison. There were negative aspects of the behavior of Bison which include he was always discontented, over the top, meddling and eager sort of identity. On the other hand, he has some positive aspects as well which include his focus, drive and vision. After some time, Bison started to work with senior administration improvement organization. Number of colleagues expressed that they selected mindfulness, comprehension and abnormal state of mind from Bison which made him immensely energetic person. At the later stage, the focus of Bison was only on senior methodology group. 12 kinds of conduct were created by Bison which resulted in 3 different hues, for example, green, blue and red. The procedure for the purpose of changing the red shade of conduct results into blue shade was being followed by Bison. There was a positive side of Bison too with the help of which he used to encourage and representatives and furnish them by bringing the needed improvement before considering them for the hierarchical work.  The representatives understand the value of such contribution made by Bison as they felt due interest in their advancement. Therefore, this can be concluded that Bison possesses a blended identity which have qualities of both equitable and absolutist sort of administration.

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Positive and Negative Aspects of CEO’s Behavior

Bison came across Human Synergistic Circumflex with Meat Pack in the wake of getting affected by the individuals. The impact was on the 12 pactices of the three hues: green (protective/ latent), red (cautious/ forceful), blue (productive).

Bison found out at a later stage that the way of life of MeatPcak was in red shade. It was further found out that there was a requirement to change it into blue level of association along with changing it from progressive to flat. This further needed the front director’s work along with increasing their obligations and responsibilities.

There was a sense of influence felt by Bison from the change due to the fact that he was not ready to intercede and intrude in the middle of others as the choices were not made in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, the influence was also due to the reason of the non- settlement of the needed advancement in the business choices made by the organization.   The COO of the organization expressed that the senior authorities who were responsible to Bison have been lost by the organization. Since Bison is a despotic pioneer, he went through identity struggle and self- image conflict with the senior individuals. The positive side of Bison consisted of the fact that the workers and individuals felt an urge for having a conversation with him and felt energetic. The meetings of the organization considered the connection of the strategies with their accomplishment. The meetings also focused on the building of legitimate understanding between the directors and the representatives. Bison was completely focused on the accomplishment of the strategies and learning. The manner used for the purpose of achieving the targets was not given enough importance. In other words, only the accomplishment of the targets was the ultimate goal.

From execution perspective and culture, a smooth authoritative leadership structure was presented by Bison which, in turn, made representatives and businesses more responsible and capable in their separate obligations. Moreover, the representatives working in the association (for more than 2 years) were trusted by Bison and were decided not to be expelled due to the reason of their sincere association with the organization. This, in turn, makes the workers feel safe in the organization and they believe that the decisions made by the higher authorities of the organization will be in the best interest of the representatives and the organization. The focus was also set on preparing the workers and ensuring their advancement along with empowering the representatives in order to make them realize their importance in the group.



Therefore, it can be concluded that despotic kind of initiative was followed by Bison. Imperious authority implies an administration style in which the command is possessed by one individual over everyone and the choices made by the organization. Democratic authority is the one in which allows people to make choices and gives importance. It further participates in the basic leadership procedure followed by an association.

The identity of Bison can be described as commanding and interfering as a result of which the association lost a number of senior individuals. This big loss to the association was due to the reason of such an overwhelming identity that created trouble between the workers in the association.

Hands off system should be utilized by Bison in the association along with furnishing with the choices that are of immense importance to the organization. However, this does not mean tying them with their choices and thoughts. The subordinates should be controlled and inspired by Bison as opposed to requesting and ruling them as it will result in losing all the important representatives of the association. If Bison makes the use of hands off approach, he will notice the following additions.

  • Greater number of individuals will be willing to cooperate with him.
  • Since Bison possess certain inspirational standpoints, there will be a sense of safety among the individuals inside the association.
  • Various chiefs valued Bison as he provided them with the needed assistance in enhancing their general identity as Bison was a part of the preparation programs.
  • Bison is considered to be really strong while giving advancement exercises to the employees.
  • The representative favor that the choices made by the organization will be in the best interest of the organization and the representatives as well.   

2.a. Bison is considered to be an intruding and ruling sort of a pioneer who used to participate in the daily choice of the association. The authority improvement organization and official training was also joined by Bison in order to change the mentality of workers. Furthermore, the goal was to change the attitude of the group and it was expressed by the representatives that they were able to increase their level of knowledge and understanding with the help of this experience. An energized feeling was felt by Buffalo through this action.

The vital group which included CEO, COO and CFO (head of individuals, head of offers, and head of business) went through a constructive change. A discourse was raised by Bison from that point as a result of which he realized that people feel urged and roused in the wake of having conversation with him for a small period of time and with one another and indicated a positive change. From the execution and development point of view, an ERP activity was presented by Meat Pack which consolidates diverse bureau of association such as speculation, creation, fund and back which are centered around proficiently and conveniently accomplishing its aims. Earlier, the association focused on the accomplishment of the objectives irrespective of the manner of accomplishment and therefore, no consideration was given when the accomplishment of the objectives was not in the manner in which they should be. Currently, adequate and productive completion of the objectives is being emphasized in the relegated undertaking.

Bison received a uniform structure in the organization due to which the senior administration level and the representatives became more responsible and took the charge of the objectives given to them. In this way, a chance was given to the workers, for accomplishing their assignments with greater degree of devotion. For example, the line directors were urged by Bison for the purpose of taking greater obligation and responsibility along with making the selection of best workers from the different parts of the world for leading them rather than just overseeing them. The designation of six people was planned by Bison on one record with the objective that the responsibility will be possessed by the supervisors. As a result of Bison’s endeavors, the trust and dependability of the workers stayed flawless in the association. This was due to the fact that they felt sheltered and agreed to the point that the choices were being made by the organization in their own interest and also considered the interest of the representatives. The workers were assisted by Bison in the accomplishment of their legitimate planning and improvement which will help them in the coming years in accomplishment of the aims of the organization.

Different instructional classes were also arranged by Bison with the basic objective of leading the pioneers in a more proficient manner which will allow them to view themselves as the most profitable and essential part of the association. Solid accentuation was made by Bison on setting needs. The responsibility along with execution criticism due to which the authority characteristics were upgraded and unrivaled administrators level by giving exercised like contracting, driving, etc., performed the function of enhancing the general identity of the chiefs by way of the input received from the directors.

The territories requiring change was when dialog was transparently expressed by Bison. Irrespective of the fact whether Bison will be held responsible to the senior key group or senior vital group is responsible to Bison. Plan needs to be prepared by the association for the purpose of maintaining a legitimate chain of command which specifies who is answerable to whom and under what conditions.

Another change was facilitated through the representatives working in the Meat Pack from around six to fifteen years. Such representatives get disappointed as a result of the monotonous nature of work which is performed again and again and therefore required adjustments to be made in the working society for disposing off their dull working life. Work revolution is required to be pursued by the organization for this purpose in order to hold greater number of representatives in association without getting disappointed through the work nature.

Another change lies when the youthful workers leave the organization as a result of an immense change in the new work from the assignment earlier finished by them.  This is due to the fact that the number of director is less than the umber required. Also, the degree of awareness regarding the objectives is also quite low than required. The end goal is to be kept in mind at all times and therefore the information stored physically should also be stored electronically which will not only perform the function of saving time but also assist the supervisors in focusing on the providing direction to the new workers and helping them in the accomplishment of their objectives.

3. The standpoint of substantial number of supervisors of vital group was attempted to be changed by Bison due to which he joined official training and turned it into an administration development company. It further provided that Bison was an interfering and overwhelming kind of identity. Bison took this progression and therefore every administrator communicated their view point that signs of vison, improvement and mindfulness were shown through this change.

Bison was considered to be a decent communicator and as a result of his correspondence with others, every supervisor was capable of openly communicating with one another and with Bison in meetings and gatherings which is decent sign for formulating a uniform structure. Another change idea was propelled which was named as Enterprise Resource Planning which will perform the function of consolidating and incorporating the workings of different offices that are speculation, creation, administration and finding for effective consummation of  the targets. This, in turn, will make the association more organized without any crashes between the divisions. Chiefs took greater obligation and responsibility on them for execution and auxiliary change. Not less than 6 people were engaged by Bison so that supervisors have greater number of representatives to lead on. Bison possessed the capacity of making right choices for the association and the results provided that the representatives spend more than 15 years which is a great achievement for Meat Pack.

Two arrangements of individuals is possessed by an association. Firstly, the individuals had a feeling of being sheltered with Meat Pack as they were happy with their working and positions. The representatives who are happy with the change are more in number as compared to those who are disappointed with the change in hierarchy.

The position of most significant resource is given Bison to the representatives and he trust that the workers are the most important part for the development and achievement of any association. He devoted himself for the purpose of preparing and improving the workers in the creation of the qualities required and building up the ethics, essential standards and set of accepted rules which may assist in the accomplishment of fast development. Bison realized that progress can be made only with the help of representatives. Administration characteristics were aimed to be built within the workers which will make them take the responsibility and charge of their employment. This exertion made all the representatives feel that their whole identity has been changed and they started viewing themselves as an important part of the group. This is the positive change brought by Bison.

Earlier, the main focus of the supervisors was only on completion of the work and they were not concerned regarding the prosperity of the representatives. This change brought by Bison altered the outlook of the workers. It further encouraged the representative to raise their concern in a quiet manner and provided answers to the workers as well.

An arrangement was acquainted in Meat Pack by  Bison for gaining the understanding of the human conduct known as Human Synergistic Circumplex. 3 distinct hues consisted of 12 different practices such as blue, red and green. Blue indicated self- development, red signifies hostility and green means dormancy. Red shade provided that there was a forceful way of life in the association which was not attractive and was also a hindrance in social change. There were some vulnerability in occupations and jobs among the representatives and results in the unforeseen circumstances between the obligations and jobs appointed to the workers. For example, there was an uncertainty faced by the administrator in case of a meat pack regarding whether he is a piece of the vital group or not. The intruding nature of Bison assisted in the achievement of the association and made everyone feel important.

The boring and monotonous nature of work   became a hurdle in the accomplishment of the objectives by large authoritative structure. Due to this, the occupation duties of the representatives were required to be performed again and again leading to the loss of enthusiasm for the activity. This, in turn, influenced the basic goals of the association.

In any association, miscommunication is the colossal obstruction. In Meat Pack, the appointment of the representatives was made for completing one task and after finishing it, a unique task was given to get it done. This was the consequence of the absence of correspondence and follow- up by the chiefs.

Diverse conflicts are considered to be the most common hindrances in the accomplishment of the authoritative objective. The expansion of such conflict generation is at high rates and representatives who have their place in social foundations were not given adequate time to speak and interface with one another for understanding the sense of conflicts and clashes.


Therefore, it can be concluded that the investigation of culture, authoritative conduct, administration style and execution of association are needed for accomplishing development, manageability and achievement in an association. This task highlighted that there are different kinds of initiative style and are required to be utilized in diverse ways. The characterization of the association is necessary along with the characterization of remuneration as it has the effect between fruitful business and fizzled activity. Authoritative structure is required to be build up for the purpose of making decisions regarding the adjustments to be made in the association. Moreover, it will also involve making decisions regarding whether vertical or even astute is followed in the association.