CUNY BMCC Ad Set Unofficial Xioamo on Facebook Paper


Ad Set Creation More than likely, in social media careers you will engaged in paid social advertising. The purpose of this project is to give you direct experience with Facebook and Instagram’s advertising interface. Accordingly, you will learn how to create advertising campaigns through the creation of Ad Sets. You can create an Ad Set as follows. First, select any working (don’t make up!!! ) brand of your choosing. You will then need to login to Facebook and create a page for your business or a company (if you do not already have one). This can be found in the menu bar. You can also find instructions here: you create a page for your business, you can then click on the “Ad” option in the menu bar. This should take you to the Ads Manager. You can also get to this through: should be able to see the different tabs for Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads. This is how it in Facebook. The Ad sets are nested in Campaigns, and the Ads are nested in Ad sets. You should first start with a Campaign and then create an Ad Set under this Campaign. For this purpose, you can choose from the Facebook’s tool prompts that come up based on your objectives. You can repeat the same for the Ad Sets. Once you finish creating the Ad set you can write your report. Using Microsoft Word, please utilize the following format to submit this. First write your brand name at the top. Then for each ad set, please write a line describing the audience; without the technicalities of Facebook if you had to say who are you targeting. Underneath the introduction, write a brief rationale why you are targeting this audience. Underneath the justification, please include the parameters you utilized. You can focus on Facebook’s platform. If easier you can paste each screenshot to show the parameters you set up instead of writing out. The criteria for grading will be if each ad set setup seems cohesive or if it contains too many unrelated items. Innovation is another criterion; for example, if the only recommendation for a handbag brand is just to target people interested in handbags, you would be recommended to consider more options (though this actual ad set is justified). attached is an example for how it spoussed to look like

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