Cuyamaca College Nutritional Science Questions


Task 1- BrainstormImagine that you have a friend or family member that is looking to change some of their nutritional practices (this can either be an actual person in your life or it can be fictitious). What advice would you give them? Make sure to consider the principles of adequacy, balance, calorie control, moderation, and variety. Task 2- Write-UpWrite a 200+ word response describing the advice that you would give to a family member/friend who is looking to change their nutritional habits. Make sure to address all 5 principles mentioned in Task 1. On a separate page answer these questions below Task 1- Original PostPlease discuss the following in your original post:Provide a brief explanation on how supplements are currently regulated in the United States. (5 points)Discuss whether or not the supplement industry requires more or less regulation. (10 points)The post must be at least 250 words. (2 points)Include at least 1 outside reference, cited in APA format. This reference needs to be cited both in-text and at the end of the post in a reference list. (3 points)Task 2- Peer ResponseRespond to at least 2 classmate’s posts. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with their opinion. Additionally, discuss the similarities and differences between your findings regarding food laws and health. (10 points)

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