DAC History of Art Europe During the Middle Ages and The Renaissance Questions


25 questions. It’s all about History of Art: Europe During the Middle Ages andthe Renaissance

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Quiz Instructions
Choose the correct answer/response:
Question 1
This is a statue of what significant figure?
2 pts
Marcus Aurelius
Augustus Ceaser
Constantine the Great
Question 2
The image (#1) above demonstrates which of the following?
A return to Naturalism based on Greek influences.
The end of the Middle Ages and a cultural shift to more realistic imagery
An interest in the classical idealism of Ancient Greece
2 pts
The inward turning in late Roman and Early Christian art that led to a more conceptual
approach to images.
Question 3
This Church is located in what city?
2 pts
Autun, France
Paris, France
Chartres, France
Milan, Italy
Question 4
Gothic Architecture is characterized by which of the following?
Elements borrowed from Classical Antiquity
Round arches, plain exteriors and idiosyncratic sculptural programs
Gold backgrounds, stylized facial types and patterned drapery folds
Pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaults
2 pts
Question 5
2 pts
The two distinctly different towers in the church above indicate what
about the Gothic Style?
An inability to build based on the expectation of the last judgement
A tradition bound architecture in which change was heresy
Its interest in the new and a willingness to embrace change and new ideas
An approach to architecture that looked only to Classical Antiquity as a source of ideas
Question 6
2 pts
Gothic art and architecture come out of a culture that was engaged
in which of the following:
Stoicism, idealism and Platonic philosophy
An interest in Classical architectural forms that led to the use of the pointed arch
A return to the Pagan mythologies of antiquity as a source for subject matter in art
Courtly love, chivalry and a tradition of pilgrimage
Question 7
The title of this work is _______.
2 pts
Painting from the Catacomb of St. Peter
St. Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels
Justinian and Attendants
Lamentation by Giotto
Question 8
2 pts
The above image (#7) is an example of which of the following?
A mosaic
An early example of printing using moveable type
A fresco
An Illuminated Manuscript
Question 9
2 pts
The image in question #7 is an example of what style/period?
Proto Renaissance or Trecento.
Question 10
This is the interior of what chapel?
Arena Chapel
2 pts
The Sistine Chapel
The Ambulatory at St. Denis
The Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne
Question 11
2 pts
The above image (#10) can be said to have borrowed elements from
what other styles/periods?
Only Classical Antquity
Only Gothic elements
Both Gothic and Proto-Renaissance elements
Islam, German metal work, Classical Antiquity and the Byzantine
Question 12
This work is ______.
2 pts
An example of islamic design
The Purse Cover from the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
The Theotokos from the Hagia Sophia
An example of early Christian Art
Question 13
The style of this work is best described as ________.
Interweave, Interlace or Animal Style
2 pts
Question 14
This is the interior of the ________.
Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne
Ambulatory at St. Denis
2 pts
Hagia Sophia
Arena Chapel
Question 15
2 pts
The style of architecture above in Image #14 is best described as
Early Renaissance
Question 16
2 pts
The individual responsible for the structure seen in # 14 is
Abbot Suger
Question 17
2 pts
Why was beauty so important to the builders of churches like the
one in question #14?
It was the way the Catholic Church managed to gain its wealth
The architects enjoyed nice things and felt those things should be in churches
They felt that through the experience of beauty the mind was prepared to understand and
relate to the divine
This was a way of easily exploiting the masses and taking control of the economy
Question 18
2 pts
This is the _________.
Fresco cycle by Giotto in the Arena Chapel
Roman Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
Tympanum at Autun Cathedral by Gislebertus
Sculpture program from the east pediment of the Parthenon
Question 19
2 pts
The image in #18 depicts __________.
The Last Judgement
The Battle of the Lapiths and the Centaurs
The Birth of Athena
The Annunciation
Question 20
2 pts
The title of this work is ______________.
The Creation of Eve
The Last Judgement
The Lamentation
The Creation of Adam
Question 21
2 pts
The artist responsible for the painting in question #20 is _________.
Abbot Suger
Question 22
2 pts
The medium used for the painting in question # 20 is
Oil on canvas
Buon Fresco
Question 23
The Style of this building is best described as __________.
2 pts
Early Renaissance
Question 24
2 pts
The ribbed arches separating the bays in this nave (#23) are called
Question 25
When two barrel vaults cross at a right angle the result is
A dome
A groin vault
An apse
2 pts
An atrium
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