DAC Significance of Themes and Characterization Citizen Kane of Welles Essay


Do NOTdo research, as your essay should contain YOUR analysis.Spend no more than onehourwriting your essay, as though you were doing so in class.Select ONEof the followingprompts:•The introduction of sound had a profound impact on all aspects of film history. CiteSIXspecific examples of dialogue, music and sound effects (D/M/E) fromJean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game (1939) and Orson Welles’Citizen Kane (1941)to illustratethe creative, innovative use of sound.Total supporting examples: SIXminimum, one example of dialogue, one example of music and one example of effects fromEACHfilm.•How did Renoir try to communicate through mise en scèneaesthetics in Rules of the Game? Why wereWelles and Gregg Toland technically able to use this approach in Citizen Kane? Discuss TWOsignificant scenesfrom EACHfilm that depends on Renoir’s deep-space and Welles’deep-focus approach to communicate visually. •How do twofeaturefilms from this list—Blackmail, It Happened One Night, The Rules of the Game, Citizen Kane, Double Indemnity—reflect the socialissues andthe motion picture technologyavailableat the time of itsrelease?•Analyze Capra’s It Happened One Nightin respect toall aspects ofthe Classic Narrative System. In addition, account for the box-office popularity of the screwball comedyand the relatively poor showing of Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, taking intoconsideration the social and economic conditions of the times, the Classic Narrative System(including“hero”protagonist, 3-act structure, continuity editing)and viewer expectations. •Films do not change over time, but audiences do. Upon its premiereon May 1, 1941—withWorld WarIIraging abroad—Orson Welles’ Citizen Kaneaffected viewers differently thanus in today’s political and social climate.How did the themes and characterizationspeak to you as a viewer in2020?(If not, answer a different prompt.)•Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity(1944) reflects 49years of film history.Looking to the past, discuss how German expressionisminfluenced the film noircontent and visual style. Also address how the featurerepresents genderand class issues.•Does film history repeat itself? Although events can never come close to true replication, has film historyfrom 1895-1950repeated itself in any broad patterns? You can also take into consideration the events of 2020.

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