De Anza College Citizen Science & Career Marine Ecologists Discussions


read: Citizen science is a growing field in science and it is inclusive of everyone even if you don’t have a science degree. READ this article on citizen science, take notes and answer the module questions at the end of the module. want you to go on the Texas A&M Job Board and search the volunteer and internship opportunities. Find two opportunities that interest you. Write them down and you will share them later. undefined…Now that you understand what Citizen Science is and have found some opportunities for you to get involved in Environmental Science, I want you to do an online search for citizen science projects that you could get involved with. Find ONE that interests YOU, BUT THEY HAVE TO BE NEAR WHERE YOU LIVE. It could be on habitat restoration, wildlife conservation, scientific data collection, scientific monitoring or anything environmental science related. I want this to be a discussion, so everyone can see what each other found and you can make comments on each other’s project. This also allows for you to get to know your peers a bit. POST THE FOLLOWING:1) The two opportunities you found that you are interested in. Tell us briefly WHY they interest you. 2) What country, state and city you live in, so we know where you searched for projects. If you feel uncomfortable keep your location general. 3) What project you found that interests you the most. Tell us the name of it and a couple sentences about it and why you are interested in it. Also include why you think this would help the environment.

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