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HR Ethics: Building Ethics with Multisource Appraisals and Coaching
As business leaders get promoted, evidence suggests that there are more opportunities for ethical
transgressions. Companies can do several things to help prevent ethical lapses. (1) Promote an ethical
culture. (2) Use 360-degree evaluations. (3) Apply coaching. (4) Discuss the importance of ethical
1. What kinds of approaches might you use to help leaders be more ethical? How could
performance management processes be used to facilitate this aim?
2. Besides some of the ideas already discussed, what do you think companies can do to reduce the
likelihood of leaders acting unethically?
3. An approach I think would be effective to ensure leaders act in an ethical manner would be to
make sure that leaders understand that they are not above the laws and rules of the company,
and that they should set an example of how to properly act when confronted with an ethical
scenario. These leaders should understand that the rules that apply to the rest of the employees
at a given company, also apply to them in the same way. Leaders should not be able to get away
with transgressions just because they are at the top. Performance management processes could
aid in facilitating ethical behavior through performance reviews and appraisals. If ethics is
included as a topic on performance reviews, then perhaps more managers would pay closer
attention to their ethics
4. To reduce the likelihood of leaders acting unethically, they should understand that these actions
lead only to short-term benefits. These actions may seem like they are profitable, but they are
only for a little bit and ultimately lead to even worse consequences. It is important for this
knowledge to be known to all leaders. Another way we can go about reducing these actions
would be to show appreciation when unethical acts are not seen. This will allow leaders to feel
like they are helping the company and gain the benefits they would receive while doing unethical
things. Appreciation can go a long way and instead of leading to behavior that is unacceptable,
we can step in before leaders go that far to receive the benefits they are looking for
Your assignment is to 1) answer these questions[1,2,], 2) present/defend your
ideas with thoughtful logic or relevant evidence, and 3) respond to the two
statements [3,4] with other thoughtful analyses. Your posts should be
comprehensive (multiple lengthy paragraphs), as well as concise and detailed.
Grades are assigned using a rubric with the following dimensions:
1) logic/support, 2) clarity/conciseness, 3) depth, 4) length.

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