Denison University Chemistry Worksheet


1. Interpret why the “third carbon” of 3-ethylpentane does not keep any chiral carbons.

2. Why are R-2-methylbutane and S-2-methylbutane enantiomers?

3. Briefly draw the steps to state if an isomer is “R” or “S”. Be trusting to conceive the basic pre-eminence rules in your repartee.

4. How abundant completion stereoisomers succeed a atom keep if it has 3 stereocenters (3 chiral carbons)? List all of the stereoisomer combinations (e.g. – R, R, R)?

5. 2-bromo-3-chloropentane has two stereocenters; for-this-reason, it has disgusting stereoisomers. Give the names of a set of diastereomers.

6. True/False (briefly interpret): For Fischer projections, clockwise revolution frequently indicates an “R” stereocenter.