Writing a Final Project

Before you begin writing a project you should equip yourself with necesary materials. Most of the necessary material consist of your ideas and experiences gained while carrying out the project, and your approach to solving the problem you intend to address. For the background study or literature review you will need references to various resources which include books and papers, policy documents, Internet resources, related software, among many others. It is important to record all relevant information in a notebook to avoid fogetting some details. The following information should be noted.
  1. Lessons learned, for inclusion in the “reflective” part of your report;
  2. Comments and advises from your supervisor, potential end, technical experts, and other stakeholders,  among others.
  3. References such as papers, books, websites with full bibliography details.



  • You should keep a diary of all activities that relate to your project to show the progress during the project life and how you spend your time. In particular, processing data, validating, testing and debugging your work, you must keep a running log of your activities and their outcomes. You must also record the challenges encountered and how you addressed them. Summaries of these may well be worth including in the project report.


  • In general you should use your own materials and supplement those material with other reliable sources. A good project must acknowledge what others have done in your field of study. Therefore, you should include references from authors in other fields. References to work in periodicals, priority should be given to periodicals magazines, journals, and conferences as are usually more specialised and up to date compared to textbooks. The student should also include references to technical manuals and both national and international standards.  Only reliable websites from organisations and institutions with authority in your area of study.



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