Difference Between Essay And Problem Questions: Methodologies

The approach to Essay and Problem Questions

The main difference between the methodologies to the question related to essay and question related to problem is that essay question is major procedure of conducting test that what an individual has assumed regarding problem. The main objective of the test is to understand the way of expressing the ideas by people. The main approach of the essay is establish the innovative views, ideas, and concept and develop the skill of writing. The essay writing’s approach is that it is a proper technique of increasing the skills of better communication. The best approach is to develop and enhance the knowledge related to the topic and better application of the knowledge to give response to the question. On the other hand, the problem question is related to the situations related to the facts. The problem question are framed to test understanding of writer in the specific area related to law. The problem question needs by the student to use the particular law area to stated situations. The problem questions show the difficult activities, which are required to be carry out by students of law school. The method of problem question is that this must render guidance, which is stable and objects in scope to apply in the situation of facts.

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In this essay, difference between methods to the question related to essay and problem question related to problem is discussed and examined.

The key important factor is to make a better essay is to know the features of the good essay and to know that how to combine these features to make a good essay. A good essay always gives the answer to the question in the systematic way. A good essay is the essay, which represent the range of written skills and methodical skills. Further the most important point to be considered is that it is not sufficient to know only the laws, rules, and regulations, it is required to have better understanding regarding the writing them into best and effective structure of essay. A good essay must state the following points-

  1. The base of correct, exact and relevant understanding about topic related to law that is subject of the question
  2. There should be proper balance between explanation and examination.
  3. The better written communication skills in creating a clear and expressive piece of work.
  4. The effective research recognises the range of proper source material appropriate to the problem.
  5. After the recognition of the sources, the source material should be used in effective way.
  6. The capability to search the non-relevant point and to make the focus on the major problem raised by the question.
  7. The complete approach to making reference ensures that all source material is acknowledged in proper and effective style.

The techniques to be used to give answer of the question of essay- following techniques or steps should be used to answer the question of essay-

Analysis- the First step is to analyse the question. It is very important to take some time to understand the problem of the question in the proper way. After this, is required to make an appropriate idea or concept of its scope, nature, and the needs. In this way, one would be able to understand the subject matter of the question on the basis of wording and knowledge as per the preliminary investigation.

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Techniques to give an answer to Essay Questions

Preparation- the next step is to make preparation for writing the essay. One should conduct the research, reading and the planning and finding the answer to question.

Writing- The next step is to compose the practical and framed response of the problem of question.

Polish- At the end of the essay, an individual should review the essay for conduct the flow effectively. It is necessarily required to check the accuracy of the subject matter of the problem of question. One must ensure that the given presentation is correct. It is also required to make sure that references are complete in effective way.

The problem question includes the set of theoretical particulars that raises minimum one question, which required to be answered by references to the law. Further, the problem question refers to the short story regarding the events that gives rise to the possible legal accountability regarding which a person expected to propose suggestion to one party or more than one party or otherwise point out the legal position, which raises from the particulars. This may also called as a situation question of particulars pattern. The problem question incline to end with the question or the suggestions to make the clarifications about the task-

  1. Does Chris have a claim in the carelessness?
  2. May the contract be obligatory?
  3. Give the suggestion over the amount of her liability for property offence?
  4. What the action of other party is subject to the breach of contract?

The problem solving and the decision-making is necessary activity or the part of the day at the workplaces. At the workplace, the people incline to do three things when tackled the problem. These things include fear and uncomfortable zone of people, the bad feeling of giving wrong answer and handle the problem in proper way. The main objective of the procedure of solution of problem is to make the staff and the company more problem friendly and the clashes-competent.

The more important thing to consider about the issue or problem is that how to take opportunity to establish and develop the system and the relations. The problem question provides the details, which can be used to solve the problem. The person is born as the problem solver. The biggest problem is to overcome the trend to directly come up with the solution of problem. Generally, the people do some common mistake in solving the problem. These mistakes include the people try to find the problem and solve the solution in the starting of the procedure, at the time when solution is required at the end of the procedure to solve the problem in effective way.

The success of the solution of problem depends on the various proper techniques. This will be priceless in respect of coursework and the evaluation and which is convenient between various subject matters of the study. In this way, it is found that the good techniques of problem solution is similarly appropriate and relevant to the criminal law, equity, trust, employment law or other topic on the law prospectus which use the solution of problem as resources of the better assessment or valuation. The following are the techniques of the answer of the problem solution-

  1. Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion (IRAC) technique of problem solution
  2. Issue, Principle, Application, and Conclusion (IPAC) technique of problem solution
  3. Claim, Law, Evaluation, and Outcome ( CLEO) technique of problem solution
  4. Problem, legal Regulation, Application, and Note Conclusion (PLAN) technique of problem solution.

Problem Question Methodologies

Notwithstanding the difference of the terminology, each of the four stages utilised in each process is the similar-

  1. Recognise question which is required to give answer to solve the problem
  2. Specify the law, which enables the question to give answer to solve the problem
  3. Find the way how the law will function in respect of the recognised question to solve the problem.
  4. Find out the conclusion, which provide the appropriate answer of the question.

Recognise the issues or problems – One should be clear about the problem of question. It is also required to remember that different people have different opinions, views, or concepts regarding the issues or problems.

Have knowledge about the interest of everyone- this is the most serious problem, which generally does not considered. Interest is the requirement, which is to be satisfied by the given solution. The better solution of the problem is to satisfy the interest of everone.one should make the separate list of defining the interest from the listing of the responses.

List the probable solutions- it is also required to separate the listing of choices from the examination of the options.

Make the evaluation of options- everyone is required to decide the plus and minus. It is also required to make separation of the examination of the options from the selection of options.

Choose an option or more options- it is also required to decide the best option in the balance. The way to accumulate the options is also essential to get the solution of the problem.

Make the documentation of agreements- it is not suggested to rely on the memory. The writing always helps to consider the information and influences.

Give the consent on contingencies, reviewing, and the examination- it is required to make contingencies agreements regarding the foreseeable future conditions. There should be proper way to review the compliances. One should always create the chances to examine the agreements and the impacts of agreements. 


As per the above discussion, it is concluded that the method to issue must be that author should examine particulars of issue in respect of parties and actions to make understanding for the writers that what has been done to whom as this delivers an significant basis for organising the response. It is requires to analyse the issue in effective manner. It should be separated into sub issues. It helps in analysing the applicable law. The following action will be to specify the applicable rule so that the author has an accurate knowledge of what permissible viewpoint. It displays the better knowledge of the law. The problem essay must further deliver powers. This can be a law or law statement, which is applicable on the fact. The more significant thing is to render arguments from the every aspect of the problem. A problem question should be answered to rationally, correctly organised, correct, vibrant, and comprehensive with every problem dealt with thoroughly with rules, regulations and law. In replying, it helps expending framework of issue, rule, application, and conclusion.

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