Digital Technologies on Copyright Protection in Gaming Proposal


Topic: Digital Technologies on Copyright Protection in the Gaming Industry
Write a Proposal.

Sample Proposal Template
Research Paper Proposal
Date: [Date of Submission]
To: Professor SG
From: [Student’s Name]
E-Mail Address: [Student’s SPS Email]
Research Topic: [One Sentence]
Why Writing about This Topic Will Be Beneficial to Me: [SAMPLE ENTRY: “Researching this
paper is important to me because I am majoring in Business Management and Leadership. With the
advancement of technology in business, and as a future manager, it is necessary that I understand
the laws and regulations that cover this topic.”]
Thesis: [State a hypothesis you intend to explore and prove as either true or false. A statement, not a
Approach to the Subject of the Paper: [SAMPLE ENTRY: “I will consider the general theoretical
and practical concerns of legal regulations affecting my Proposed Topic. I will also share my
perspective on the effect such regulations may have on the economic, sociopolitical, and cultural
development of the Internet and cyberspace as a means of transacting online business and
commerce. I will insert anecdotal evidence of high profile stories (if there are any). I will show
opposing viewpoints, discuss the advantages and disadvantages, and compare and contrast major
Intended Audience: [SAMPLE ENTRY: “In the immediate term, my classmates and professor.”]
Citation Style: [APA (or MLA, etc.). ]
Sources: [SAMPLE ENTRY: “I will use several different sources as points of reference for my
research. These will include peer-reviewed journal articles, professional publications, textbooks, and
business and government publications and websites.”]
References: [You should preliminarily include no fewer than five authoritative sources you intend to
rely on for your research.]
Advice and Instructions for Framing the Thesis for Your Proposal
The point of a well-written proposal is that it provides a thesis, a firm foundation for writing the outline
which, in turn, is the framework for the final paper.
“Thesis” is a Greek noun defined as “a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be
maintained or proved.” For example, “His central thesis is that psychological life is not part of the
material world.”
Its synonyms and English derivations include the words “theory,” “contention,” “argument,” “line of
argument,” “proposal,” “proposition,” “idea,” “claim,” “premise,” “assumption,” “hypothesis,”
“postulation,” and “supposition.”
“Hypothesis” is a particularly useful word for research. As you know, a hypothesis is an educated
guess as to the cause or effect of observed phenomenon and is at the heart of the scientific method
that includes experimentation. Therefore, of necessity, a hypothesis is specific because it must be
testable through experimentation that either proves or disproves the hypothesis. Because a
hypothesis is in search of a specific answer to a specific question, the hypothesis itself must be
Now apply this concept to your legal research paper. I encourage each of you to propose a narrow
topic of research interest for your proposal to get you to focus on what precisely it is that you want to
accomplish in your research. The thesis for your proposal is therefore what you expect your research
to prove or disprove in your research.
For example, if I have as my proposal topic that I intend to research the effects of proposed laws
limiting net neutrality on the competitiveness of online commerce, I could have as my thesis that I
intend to prove in my research that laws limiting net neutrality will have a negative effect on the
competitiveness of online commerce, especially between large and small e-commerce websites.
I do not know whether or not my thesis is true until I do the research and examine the results. The
research is the experimentation; the conclusions are the outcome of that research. The evidence will
either support or disprove my thesis, or indicate the need to conduct more research.
I suggest that you go through this thought process for your proposal and do so sooner than later so
that you have a specific focus for your research. You certainly cannot have a workable outline without
a testable thesis. If you don’t, you are simply on a fishing expedition hoping to find something to write
about. That is not a good approach to doing research, especially when you are facing time constraints
as we are in our limited time together this semester.
Remember that legal argumentation is more about persuasion than it is about presenting right or
correct answers. In law there will always be an opposing view, so it is persuasive argumentation that
often wins the case. Don’t worry about getting the “right” answer–just focus on writing a strong

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