Growth is an important part of building a successful business. Sometimes, companies can take big steps toward innovating their own products through acquisitions and mergers. However, sometimes it doesn’t work out. In this forum, you will analyze a failed merger/acquisition from the perspective of innovation. Here’s an interesting article from ZDNet 
that should give you several examples to explore in greater depth. Here’s another resource as well. 
After selecting and researching a failed innovation or a failed merger/acquisition, post a summary and what went wrong. Also, address the following:
What was the innovation at the heart of the deal? Is that where the failure occurred?
What tools that we have learned about so far would have helped? For example, would a Customer-Centered Job Map have helped?
Is there anything about Design Thinking that could have been applied to increase the chances of success
Be sure to explain your rationale, and use course materials as references. 

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